Saturday, January 28, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year 新年快乐!

Happy Chinese New Year to all those who are celebrating this Chinese New year. I wish everyone will have a prosperous year ahead and may all of you be healthy always!

大家好! 我在这里祝福大家新年快乐! 恭喜发财, 万事如意, 年年有余.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Kangaroo Express...The fastest way to break your Parcels!!

We "Hop"to break your stuff more :)

Frankly, I have never heard of this courier company, and NO I will not use it. Why? my answer is simple. They suck!

Well, why did I say Kangaroo Express sucks. It happened when my friend from KL send me and my friends some presents. It so happens that he used this company Kangaroo Express. Once the parcel arrived...what we have found inside it was shocking. Instead of lovely presents we found shattered glass and broken up glass or snow globe. Nothing was intake except one lucky snow globe and yet outside there largely written the word FRAGILE which I doubt does it even mean a thing to the people who send it.

Where did the glass go?

Poor snowman lost his home

This santa is homeless too.

Reasons, why Kangaroo Express Suck:

* Irresponsible workers!
* Careless
* and I guess lousy service
* Slow at delivering.

The only good one in the package

Sighs lonely house....

So if I ever am going to delivery any parcel. Kangaroo Express is the first out of my list! so in the end we all we received was shattered glasses and only one usable snow globe!

Way to go Kangaroo express. Thanks for breaking our Christmas presents.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ice Coffee "Special" I had a very special drink @ Siang Siang Tabuan Jaya. I called it Ice Coffee "Special" or locally known as Kopi C Peng "Special".

After Church, Mum, Dad and I decided to grab something to eat. First we went to Ling Long Coffee Shop @ King Centre, but once we found out that most of the stores are closed so we went to Siang Siang Tabuan Jaya. I was feeling mighty hungry this morning and thirsty too.

So when the waiter took my order, I asked for Iced coffee (Kopi C Peng). Later, I went and order my food, ordered a bowl of Kolo Mee and also Roti Milo. Yummy~. When I came back after ordering my drink was already waiting for me on my table. So happily I drank my iced coffee, the coffee was very thin though felt like drinking water...Darn they are so stingy these days and drinks aren't cheap too...cost around RM1.20/40 for that glass of diluted coffee! but that is not what I wanted to say. After I finished my bowl of noodles, I drank a bit of my coffee before continuing on with my Roti Milo...Yes Yes.... I know I am a Glutton...So what I was very Hungry.... -_-lll

Then I spotted something in my glass...and mind you I already drank half of it!!! guess what that little thing was... It was a COCKROACH!!! yes a Little ... NOT so little icky dead coackroach!!!! YUCKS!!! I nearly Puked everything out. I asked one of the waitress to come over and I showed her the "Extra" ingredient they added to my drink...and guess what...the waitress looked at it and looked at it and shrugged a bit went in and got me another glass of Icedd Coffee...WITHOUT apologising!!! WTF!!! but lucky though they did not charge me for that cup of coffee.


Iced Coffee "Special" with Extra Ingredient

In the end I didn't have the appetite to finish up my Roti Milo so I asked the stall dude to wrapped it up for me to take it home.

Well if you want to have a taste of Iced Coffee "Special" do try and go to Siang Siang Corner Tabuan Jaya. There you will find the most exquisite coffee in the maybe...World!!! Where they will add some "Extra" ingredient in your coffee... hahaha

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Swollen Eye

I don't know how it happen but it just happen...probably it is left eye is swollen. But not that serious. When I came home on New year's morning my eyes felt a bit painful so I thought I was just tired so I didn't bother. Suprise Suprise when I woke up the next morning I found my eye swollen.

The swollen eye

Probably it was caused by dust. Sometimes my eyes can eb sensitive...ha ha ha...Oh well...what can I say. But it is much better already today. not that swollen anymore and no more pain. Time sure is the best medicine... ;p

Monday, January 02, 2006

The China-Malaysia Friendship Park 马-中公园

Welcome to The friendship park of Malaysia. Situated at Jalan Song, Kuching Sarawak this park build on 7 acres of land.

This park certainly add as another tourist attraction for tourist who visits Kuching, This park features fountains, wishing wells, Tea house and yesh CCTVs all around it. During evening time families will ome and have a stroll in this park and some will bring fish food to feed the fishes... there are a lot of Kois in the pond very beautiful.

Tea house

Statue of Admiral Cheng Ho

Kois hanky panky biznes ;)

The Chinese Arc night view

Sunday, January 01, 2006



Alas...another year gone and another new year is here. Here I wish everyone will have a prosperous year ahead and may you have a blessed year ahead. Happy 2006 and Good Luck Y'all.

嗨大家好。我在这里想祝大家新年快乐, 万事入一(if that is correct...sorry mandarin not that good still learning). 我希望大家会过着一个快快乐乐的年。让我们来欢迎二〇〇六年吧!!

我们来一起加油加油吧!! 耶!

Perhaps Love


Director: Peter Ho (陈可辛)

Lin Jian Dong (林见东) - Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武)

Sun Na (孙纳) - Zhou Xun (周迅)
Nie Wen (聂文) - Jacky Cheung (张学友)

Monty - Ji Jin Hee (池珍熙)

I Have watch this movie some time ago. So the story to me is a bit unclear...blurry but I still I do remember a bit.

Here is how the story goes. The story begins when Monty (Ji Jin Hee) a muse went to Shanghai with a mission, he wanted to taste of genuine human emotions and put himself out as a beacon for lost souls, drowning in the bitter sea of love.

Also arriving in the same time was Lin Jian Dong (Takeshi Kaneshiro), the star in a new musical drama directed by a reknowed director, Nie Wen(Jacky Cheung). On the other hand the co-star of Jian Dong was Sun Na( Zhou Xun) which so happens to be the ex-lover or old flame of Jian Dong and currently having a relationship with N
ie Wen who in turn made her a star.

In the musical drama that they are both acting is about a love triangle. An amnesiac women forgets about everything, even her lover and only to be saved from the streets by a generous circus owner. When she finally regains her memory she finds herself caught both in the present and the pass. Jian Dong and Sun Na was both in the leading role and Nie Wen acted as the circus
owner and also unaware being the 3rd party. Unfortunately Nie wen did not realise about his two stars past relationship. A decade ago Jian Dong was a film student studying at the Beijing Film Academy and Sun Na was a bar singer. He was a thrifty student and she was a songstress with a run down luck. Both having lonely hearts fell in live with each other. But all was destroyed when Sun Na desire for fame and wealth grew and the relationship was broken as she went for a man who can make her famous, Nie Wen.

Stars allocated: ****
For More info visit this site: Perhaps Love 如果。爱.com