Saturday, July 08, 2006

To Love someone who Don't Love you

You know sometimes life can be fun and sometimes life just sucked. Especially as we grow older and older more and more complicated stuff evolve around you. Especially complicated feelings. I guess I have reached an age whereby I understand what is love and loving someone is never easy, well worse is to love someone who doesn't even love you, I guess that is the suckiest part ever!

For I have these feelings I cared for this person and want to give her the best of everything but after all you have done and this person still ignores you and all. It hurts man it really hurts you deep. what I never confess I am afraid to confess but I thought action speaks louder than words right? But all the actions, it seems that the person doesn't even care!

I really felt like my world has shattered apart. But hey... there has got to be someone better right? I mean there will be this one true person for me right? So who knows I might find that person one day... so I'll try and work hard and erase this feeling from my heart where I will start a whole new life. Cheers!

decisions decisions

I want to get a watch and man is it hard for me to make a decision on which watch I want to get, should I get an expensive watch or should I get a cheap watch?

Some of my friends ask me to get a cheap one and some of my friends ask me to go for the one I really want. One of the ones that I saw and liked was from fossil. The design is something similar to this one I guess and it cost RM 292.50 that is after 10% discount.

Some of my friends asked me to just get it.... I am so confused now which one should I get cheap or this? hmmm... arrrgggh decisions decisions. One more friend to ask then I will make my final decision to buy or not to buy!