Friday, April 27, 2007

Combine Caregroup with International Fellowship Group

I know, I know this post is late but I just got the photos yesterday. On Wednesday night we had a combine care group with the IF group. It was lead by Brenda who seems extremely active and joyful that night. We had brothers and sisters from China, Nigeria, Kenya, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar and many more. It was a wonderful night which started off with the opening prayer and off with the games and then on to the praise and worship. For the Brenda and I loose out and we had to do the banana dance...which I had no idea how to do it so I had to follow Brenda. Brenda is the pro for Banana dance.... aren't you Brenda? lol....

Praise and Worship lead by Nicola and sharing non-other by the adorable Chang Ting later on we closed in prayer and it was food time. The food was great but I only had the Satay and a drink hehe...

Well enough of talking let the photos speak.

~Getting to Know each Other~

~Games Lead by Wei Ta~

@Praise and Worship@

Praying Hard...Ah Yieng (top), Kia Ing (centre) and Brenda (Bottom)

Praise and worship leader, Nicola

Guitarists, Johnson (top) and Joshua (bottom)

---Behind The Scenes---
extremely random photos.....

Shawn needs a chair.... XD

Korea and Malaysia~

Absolutely crazy bloggers XD

Brothers from Africa and Sister from Malaysia

Johnson looks so happy in this photo with the adorable Korean Sister ... ahemz ;)

Smiles... eh which camera to face?

Chye Lin and I =) she is cool but can be scary too =P

China brothers (right side) and Malaysian Brothers (left side)

Johnson is really hogging the camera ler..... =_="

The scariest photo by far...

One big happy family =)

There is RAIN (right side)!! he is the Vietnam version ler XD

I wang food..... *sniffs*

peace!! watashiwa kawaii des? (am I cute?)

huh? what? Don't want la

bluek....... neh neh neh neh... you cannot catch me

here is Johnson again with the African brothers

peace is good.

Chang Ting Sharing and teaching

eng...eng... shepherd is not paying attention o....

yes? I am thinking here....

FOOD!!! Fried rice and curry puffs yumz

Lina says: peace~~

This food is delicious... look at their happy faces!

Awww.... they are so cute~~

Brenda (left side) is trying to act cute here =P

eh... Johnson's face like "pao bin"

(L-R) Collge group, Secondary group and IF group

The leader, Chang Ting (left) and the shepherd, Shawn (right)


Monday, April 23, 2007

Not a good start for the day.

Argghhh Terrible day! I have been trying to post this entry I don't know how many times but failed to the com keeps failing on me!! not my own computer ALL the computers!

First this morning I got scolded as an ungrateful son because I suggested not to buy noodles from a particular stall for it was just not worth the money being paid for it.

Feeling tired because I didn't and can't sleep well for the past few days.

Pissed because the tea I ordered in the cafeteria took ages to come and yet the lady still dared to shout at me. Yo! lady I paid for the damn drink already mind you its your own mistake not mine so don't shout at me!

Extremely pissed for I nearly killed my pendrive and thank god its still ok.

Feeling stressed because the cough that I had for one week is still going on happily irritating my throat.

More stressed because I have TWO mid-term exams tomorrow.

Pissed because it took so many tries to get this ****** post up because something ALWAYS goes wrong with the com I used.

Even more stressed because I had to teach tonight and I am unable to do my revision for my exams tomorrow. Which means I am going to have a late night again. I am very tired but I can't rest because I have to prepare work for my students tonight. Later on have to send my mum to the hospital for her skin checkup.

I am so sick of today! I hope and I pray tomorrow will be a better day for me. The only consolation I have was I managed to read the papers in the cafe this morning and my lesson for tonight is almost done.

praise the lord for those two things!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Lizzie Attacks!

I am not talking about the popular Lizzie McGuire here by Miss Hillary Duff. But I am talking about Xiaxue's a.k.a Wendy Cheng's best friend's cousin... well I think it is the long distance cousin. Recently our house has been invaded by some mini-scale "rodders". They have been stealing our bread, papaya and some other things. Unlike Chang Ting them who managed to catch their "rodders", ours escaped. So we decided to set up a few bobby traps to catch these little tykes.

Not this Lizzie!

Its THIS Lizzie XD

As the traps were setted up, patience is the word now. Night turns to day and day turns to night. Suddenly we caught something but it was not the "rodders" but it was xiaxue's friend's cousin that was trapped there. It has rough skin, Big eyes that stares straight at you. The eyes seems to be calling for mercy but heck I am not going to try and prise it off the card board for this type of glue is extremely strong. So if I do prise it off the glue, I believe it is going to loose a limb and its right eye... so better not.

Probably its a Gecko cause its big, I like the patterns on its body though.

Seeing the poor chap stuck there and couldn't move with its big reptile eyes staring straight at me really I pity it. Instead of killing it bashing it up with slippers or let it baked under the sun I decided to put it back into a shady place where it will die peacefully. My god bless that poor little Lizzie.

Hmmm but I want to be a celebrity blogger so should I do this to the lizard?(generated by XXblog Generator from

"I was in my room this morning, doing some cleaning up, when a FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD come by and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!!!!!!!

I was so shocked I immediately took off my slipper and SMACKED HIM OVER THE HEAD. But you know what the fucker did? HE IGNORED ME AND CONTINUE TO JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD!!!! SO ANGRY! To that FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD, I HOPE YOUR TESTICLES DROP OFF!

I am so fucking irritated with that FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD! So what if he is a FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD? Doesn't mean he can just JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD like that. If every single FUCKING GIGANTIC LIZARD come and JUMP OUT FROM MY CUPBOARD, I still need to live meh?!!"

Frankly I won't do that ;)

I am looking at YOU!

A Bruise??

A few days after donating my blood at Hope Church, I think I must have done something for I found a big bruise around the area where the needle was painfully inserted into my veins (well wasn't really painful felt like a sting that is all... =D).

Love the colour! Nice lol

I was really curious so I started to press the bruised part wondering that will it be painful. Funny enough it was not at all painful. Not even the slightest pain. Guess it is normal then. hahaha

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lets do the Carbonara!

Ok I am not talking about some fancy dance or anything. What I am talking here is FOOD! Yes, I am talking about how to make carbonara. To be more precise Fettucine Carbonara. I always have this crave for Italian food especially pastas. I simply love them. So I decided to learned how to cook it. By surfing the web I came to this site called video jug which teaches people how to make Spaghetti Carbonara, but instead of using spaghetti I decided to use Fettucine a type of flat pasta. It is not hard to make Carbonara, you just need the right ingredients to do it.

The ingredients that I used

Here are the ingredients that you will need to make Fettucine Carbonara: -(2 person)

1. 200g of dried Fettucine Pasta

2. 2 tbsp of olive oil

3. 6 slices of bacon, chopped

4. 2 egg yolks

5. 35g of Parmesan cheese

6. 4 tbsp of cream

7. 1 pkt of fresh button mushroom

8. salt and pepper.

9. 2 tbsp of parsley, chopped.

The utensils that you will need:-

1. Wooden spoon
2. 2 Saucepans
3. Colander
4. 1 bowl
5. 1 spoon

After you have all the ingredients and utensils ready it is time to prepare the ingredients. First off, clean and wash the button mushrooms and then sliced them into thin little pieces. Once done with the button mushrooms move one to the bacon strips. Chop the bacon strips into small rectangular chunks. Next, prepare the rest of the ingredients according to list above.

Boil a pot of water

Fill the saucepan with water and bring to boil, add in salt and half of the olive oil into the water then your pasta. Make sure your pasta is submerge inside the boiling water so that it is evenly cooked.

Add in salt and half of the olive oil then put the pasta in. Make sure it is submerge inside the boiling water.

While waiting for the pasta to be cooked, let us cooked the mushroom and render the bacon. render the bacon simply means melting the fats of the bacon. First, heat the saucepan and add in the other half of the olive oil. add in the bacon and the button mushrooms. stir for a few minutes and then turn the heat off.

Render the bacon, render simply means melting the fats.

Next mix the cream, parmesan cheese and egg yolks together, use your wooden spoon to mix the ingredients well.

Combine the parmesan cheese, cream and egg yolks

By now your pasta should be cooked, drain the pasta in the colander, leave it on top of the saucepan to drain off the excess water or liquid.

Now, this is the trickiest part, quickly put the drained pasta into the pan of bacon fat and stir well to coat the pasta. Then pour the egg mixture and mix thoroughly. Now it is important to use the warmth of the pasta to cook the egg yolks. But remember DO NOT OVERHEAT for you will end up with scrambled eggs. *Heh*... I passed this part with flying colours.

The last part would be the best part. Serving it! before serving the pasta don't forget to season the pasta with salt, pepper and the chopped parsley. Scoop the pasta with thongs and place a generous helping onto the plate. Then DIG IN! yummyz!

My Masterpiece!! =D

Happy trying and Bon Appetite !