Sunday, October 23, 2005

Feeling much more better now

Ahhh.... I fell much better now...feel like I am able to taste the food better but Mr. Flu maybe going away, as for Mr. Cough it is cathcing up on me and it starting to make me fell like an old man. It seems that Mr. Cough gets me everytime meaning to say every year I gets to me....I think....

Boy I sure do hate Mr.Couggh and I hope to get rid of it soon. It is annoying to cough man....grrr....and it feels my throat with mucus too. Annoying...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Lets Help the SPCA

Please sign the SPCA petition at As you may be aware, the
SPCA started a petition to the prime minster to raise the cruelty fine
from RM200 to a significantly higher fine of around RM10,000.00. The
petition, which included the signatures of supporters, was supposed to be
handed to the prime minister in October 2004. However, this has not
happened, as we only managed to raise 20,000 signatures. Due to the
insufficient number of signatures collected during the first phase of this
petition, the SPCA is entering a second phase in hope to collect at least
100,000 signatures locally and internationally.

Therefore, we are now entering a phase II stage of the petition whereby we
would like you to join our effort for this cause. Please download the
petition forms. Kindly photocopy it and distribute it for signatures to be
collected. The more names we have, the better.

On behalf of the animals, thank you very much for your support.

At least there is taste

Ahhh....At least for once again I can taste my food. I can taste the goodness of the food. I am so happy. But sighs...the food I tasted all day was...porridge but hey the porridge was ood ;) cause I asked the lady to add in some century egg...yummy.... I think I am beggining to be in porridge frenzy...but it was good though hehehehe.

But never the less I hope that Mr.Flu will go away soon and Mr. Cough will also scoot away with Mr. Flu. So I can once more enjoy food in a full swing...yummy......

Btw the porridge was from Expert Food court at Jalan Song. The anme of the stall is Old Peking Porridge or shall we call it congee... ;-)

That will be all, will post some more in days to come...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Still running....(nose)

Sighs...Mr. Flu is being very tough in me now...he is still not letting go of me... I wonder why? I took a total of 3 pills and it is showing no signs of improvements...god is this a tuff Mr. Flu. He has caused my not to enjoy my food. Every food that I have tasted was sorta blend no taste at all but at least I can still taste the saltiness of the food and....when I added a wee bit too much vinegar into my soup...yeah it tasted awful cause it was so sour....very sour that I can't stand it I had to mix it with my rice.

Sighs...I do hope this flu will end ASAP...god I hate flu....btw today is my friends birthday...Happy 20th Birthday Ban...dinner was great too...hehehe. Ok now that should be all for now. Bye bye

No Smell, No Taste

Mr. Flu ain't very happy after I took the *Fabricol I seems that Mr. Flu threw a tantrum on my poor nose. Right now my nose is so numb that I can hardly smell any odiour or fragrance. As for my taste bud....sighs~ I can enjoy my food now because I can't taste my food...nooooooooo...I love food I love delicious food...I love tatsing them and now....double sighs.

Oh well now I'll just have to take more fabricols to calm Mr. Flu down... He had too much fun in my nose I guess. The other problem is Mr. Cough, I wonder Hhow can I calm Mr. Cough down also and send both of these unwanted visitors away....sighs

* Fabricol - A pill form medicine for flu (pretty good stuff). =D

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nearly Late but Not Quite

(Brinnnnggg!!!) That is my alarm...yawn...hmmm....rise and shine shall we look at the time? Oh yes of course we should...sorry I mean I should...look at the time it is.....ITS 7:41!!!! OH MY GOD!! I am going to be late...noooo.... Again I rushed into the toilet and Oh no my tummy problems are back again. As I have posted in my last blog on Oct 17 I had some timmy problems + a leaking nose (lolx) bur it seems that the problem did not ended last night it started all over again today yes....while sitting there on top of the toilet bowl suffering and the nose there leaking like it is nobodies business...*((*(*&^^&%^$. Then ok so I went and shower as I was running late.
Later on while I was changing my tummy is still calling out to no pls.....that is just not it I forgot to add in that when I woke up this morning I had sore throat...talking about being sick now I am really sick!
I went to class and lucky me I was not late but JIT (Just In Time) hahaha...but my nose wasn't in a forgiving mood though I sneezed 3 times none stop and there is more to come...I know my nose, it is a little devil that knows how to torcher me.... &&^#@#@$ but its okay it is my nose so I will have to live with it...but then again some people say (chinese sayings) that is you sneeze 3 times someone has a crush on you and is thinkin about you XD.....sniffles

Mr. Flu and Mr. Cough

I had an unexpected visitor today, I was visited by Mr. Flu and Mr. Cough. Well actually Mr. Cough visited me earlier on. But today Mr. Flu decided to drop by and said "HATCHEW! HATCHEW!"... I must say it was a strange way to greet someone. Because Mr. Flu decided to drop by my nose was having a fun time dribbling with nasal mucus that flows endlessly through my nasal passage like a flowing river and thus causing me to consume a total of 20 pieces of tissues!! which now is nicely piled beside me (sighs~).

Mr. Cough decided to join in too. Thus causing poor old me to go *Cough* *ahem..ahem* *Cough, Cough* which caused me to have a soar throat too. Together Mr. Flu and Mr. Cough created a symphony called the Cough and Hatchew and here is how it goes. "Cough..Cough..Hatchew...Hatchew...Ahem...ahem...Cough, Cough...sniffles..."... ahhh what great song they have created but a torcher to me caused I think I can be on of santa's reindeer now for my nose is as red as Ruldoph.

Sighs~~ I guess this visit by Mr. Flu and Mr. Cough wasn't what I really wanted and they are actually unwelcomed guest...I wonder how long will they be staying I hope that they will go as soon as possible....

Monday, October 17, 2005

Tummy problems + a leaking nose

Ugghs...this has gotta be the worse hour in my life! Just ate some glutinous rice wrapped in a pitcher plant or simply monkey cup (gosh! I should have taken a photo of it silly me). Well I will take a pictutre show it to you guys next time, I promise... oh well after that glutinous rice my tummy started to call out to me but I didn't care cuz I went to the toilet already today so prolly was juz some minor pain will be over in a while. But then after a few minutes it was driving me nuts I was practically zooming at my fastest speed to the wash room (lucky it was not far away from me) then quickly I sat down on the toilet seat and....(censored) to gross so I will not tell you the sounds.

A relief so after that clean up and took a nice warm shower and came out happy cuz i though that the problem was over..yeah rite juz after a few minutes Boom I kept on sneezing and voila I have a leaking nose!! I was wondering who was scolding or missing me XD. Then latter I came up here and decided to blog this while I was bloggin and at the same time chatting and doing my assignment (not bad doin so many things at one time), suddenly my tummy started again and from the time I was blogging (10:15 Malaysian time) I used up a total of 9 tissues and my nose is still leaking there like a faulty water tap...arrghhh... I just hope that by tomorrow everything will be ok...Sniffles......

E-commerce test and Assignment all in one day

Wow this is hard E-c0mm test is tomorrow and that is not all we have to hand in our assignment tomorrow too. well Good luck to me then I mean in the test (sighs~) I hate test.....

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Yet another normal day

Yes it is another normal day for me. I was working away the whole afternoon doing my e-commerce lab work and got quite a headache on finding what I need. But then again thanks to which provided me with nice funny flashes. Well that is one of the ways I know how to cure my stress but the only downside was some of the flash ws crap stuff. It seems like the flash will never end the story with nothing but repeated scenes. All and all I have enjoyed quite a few. Oh and yes help my sis carried the tables to her office for her tuition tomorrow and I found a pleaseant DVD to watch on SUPER SIZE ME. Hey like what she said it was good. A combination of facts and humour. Mc bloggin XD. But I was so suprised though when I watch that DVD it so happens that in the U.S.A there are Mc Donalds in their HOSPITALS!!! yes HOSPITALS!! I was like wow.....

Well I guess I have nothing much to say now...Chiaoz...gotta snooze early cuz tomorrow I gotta go to my frenz houz and do assignment...buhuhuhuhu....

Friday, October 14, 2005

New Movie by Disney

Heard that disney is coming up with a new movie called Chicken Little...Looks nice...its icons can be found in msn packets too.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nobody to turn to

There are times when you wanted to tell someone about something but because of in some circumstances. You are sort off like forbidden so say it out. Yes...this is the time when you do not know who to turn to. There seems like no one that you could talk to and everything is kept inside your heart sealed up tight.

It is hard to seal everything in your heart sometimes a human needs someone that thay can talk to. Someone who actually understands them but not look at them in a weird way. Yes I must admit that I want to talk to someone very much now but I have nobody to turn to.