Monday, April 24, 2006

One Crazy Day!

I guess this is one of my craziest day! Woke up at 7 coz I have to tutor students at 8am. 10.30 finally the class ends but I had to go to the Uni to do my group assignment, after at 1 I went to pick up my mum and had a quick lunch then went home a whilr to keep the laundry and back on the road again to the city centre to pay up somethings.

My Uni class starts at 3.30 and by the time I send my mom home it was 3pm and I had to rush to my Uni, lucky my uni is close to my house. Once there NO PARKING SPACE!! had to park a few blocks away and walked all the way in. F**K the day was damn hot again wand it was quite a hike to the campus!

Later when my class ended at 5.30 Ihad to get to another tutoring class which starts at 6.30pm and ends at 9.30pm. It was only then I can come back home. *Sighs* man this is one F**king crazy day!

Friday, April 21, 2006

KLIA shrunk!

Words have it that the Malaysian government decided that KLIA was just to big and they decided to scale it down a bit! Heres is a picture showing the scaled down KLIA. =)

Smaller KLIA

Do you believe your eyes?? How KLIA have shrunk! Nah I'm just joking. If you didn't believe that this is KLIA then you are correct coz this is KIA. Huh??? KIA??? what is KIA isn't KIA the Korean made car KIA Motors??
Ahemz ...Well no! KIA stands for Kuching International Airport. Located in the Southern Tip of Sarawak Malaysia it is the capital city here. Recently KIA went through a RM620 million redevelopment scheme which included extension of Terminal Building and also renovating the old parts. Lengthening of the Runaway from 2,545 metres to 3,780 metres with a full parallel taxiway. The new Terminal is equipped with 9 gates and around 12 aerobridges. The developer is Global Upline and KLIA consultancy. This explains why the airport has the looks of KLIA.

New check-in hall

Cranes fixing up new airbridge

Remarkably the whole terminal was finish in 15 months time and 24 months ahead of schedule. The runway is yet to be completed.

Lots of singnage so travellers won't get lost

This New Terminal is bigger nicer more modern and High class. Also more sophisticated and according to the developer it is equipped with the state of the art facilities.

A MAS B737-400 and Batavia Air B737-200

Another pic showing the fixing of the new airbridge and behind an A330 of MAS just landed from KLIA

So After a few days from the official opening of the terminal Building on 17th of April 2006 by the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi, I decided to take a looksi looksi at the whole terminal and it is really nice and if you look closely there are quite a few differences between this airport and KLIA. I also saw tourist enjoying themselves in the departure hall. ;-)

My overall view this airport is nice modern and quite big. it gives Kuching a whole new image.

Tourist enjoying the new facilities


KIA ( can you spot the difference?)

** The middle photo shows KLIA and the photo above is KIA can you spot the difference?

KLIA photo taken from this website: Opera

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fried Noodles @ Da Lai

I decided to go to Da Lai Food Court @ King Centre to have my lunch with my friend. Actually I was pretty lazy to drive far away so I decided to go to the nearest place and grab something to eat.

Da Lai Food Court

So I went to check out the stalls. One of the stalls caught my attention they sell a variety of Fried Stuff one of them is something (to me) that people can rarely find in Kuching. This particular stall named it Fried Kolo Mee. Now why would they give it such a name? Easy... the noodles that they used are the noodles that people use to make Kolo Mee.

Most of the stalls that sell Fried Noodles will usualyy use those big fat yellow looking Noodles but muah loves the small type that they use to make Kolo Mee. So I decided to give it a go.

So I waited for a gew minutes for the food to be served
and....tick...tock.....tick...tock...Voila! the food is serve and its time to taste it. Get ready the chopstick and spoon. Slowly and cautiously I put a half a spoonful of hot steaming noodles in my mouth...first chew...then another.. and another and gulp!....... HEY WADDAYA KNOW...the fried noodles ain't that bad after all. Another advantage is that it only cost RM 3.00 for a pretty big plate. This is what you can find mixed inside the noodles, some shrimps, bean sprouts, chicken meat, egg, and veggies. So it is pretty good all and all.

The Fried Noodle

Food Summary:

Type of Food: Fried Noodles

Ingredients found inside it: Shrimps, Veggies, Bean Sprouts, Chicken chunks , egg and of course noodles and not forgetting soya sauce.

Price: RM 3.00

Location: Da Lai Food Court @ King Centre, Kuching

Stars (out of 10): *****

You can go try it out sometime

Monday, April 17, 2006

New bed sheets!!!

Wahahahaha... got new bed sheets and it is my fav colour too... and thanks to my sis who bought it for me. She is such a great sis... Thanks a lot Big Sis.
Love thise bed sheets ;)

~Nice Nice bed Sheet ~

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Makeover

Alas... I have decided to give my blog a new look and has given it a new title too. Not to mention I have change my URL too.

I hope that my new blog will look nicer and with the added links on the right side of the window, I hope that it will be useful for visitors who visits this blog of mine.

I have change my blog title to The Journey Through the Highways of Life; in hope to symbolise the journey of my life Through thick and Thin. I'll try and make my posts as interesting as possible.

I hope that my life experiences would not bore you dear readers to sleep. ;-)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Damn Streamyx connection

After months of problem free, smooth connection...the problem comes back! my streamyx connection is so slow! Damn why can't the connection be stable.

Sometimes I really wish that there will be another ISP provider in Sarawak or Kuching that will provide a far better service than tmnet or tm streamyx!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Traffic Congestion

Well as a city grows the traffic grows too... and it seems that today every Kuchingites owns at least a car but usually from what I see they onw at least two or three traffic congestion in Kuching City is a very common sight... you can get stuck in a jam for at least 30 minutes before reaching your destination.

Public Transport in Kuching sucks... especially the buses donw here you can wait for hours and you don't even see a bus passing the station... the buses down here are old and dirty...wihout air-conditioning... even though there are a few bus companies down here in Kuching sad to say all of them sucks their timetable and everything that they do are not systematic... that is why I don't blame the poeple down here wants to own a car... frankly it is much more convinient to own your own car in Kuching than to take a bus or Taxi. Kuching is not really that small, to get from one place to another you'll need transport. So maybe they should upgrade the bus system down here and maybe everyone will consider taking the bus and the traffic congestion down here will be better.