Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre

It has been quite some time since the last time I have been to Song Kheng Hai Hawker centre. Yesterday, My Mum, Sis, Uncle and I dropped by there to eat something. I must say I certinly missed some of the food there. Most notably the Kio Chap Mee (tomato Noodles) and the drinks there. Sad that by the time I was there the Char Kueh already finished.

If you take a walk around you will find many stalls selling food and drinks. For me personally most of my favourite stalls are located near the front where they are facing Chinatown. One of them would be Seng Lee. Seng Lee is a stall that basically sells drink or cold desserts, Local desserts that is. Their ABC, Ang Tao Peng etc are one of the best in Kuching, If not the best.

Stall No: 2 Belongs to Seng Lee they serve wicked Ang Tao Peng (Ice Dessert) Ang Tao Peng

Yesterday we managed to try something new again, I think it is a new stall for the guy is promoting the menu. One of it that he is promoting is Kong Pia. Kong Pia is a Foochow dish, the main origin will be from Sibu where majority are Foochows living there. Kong Pia consist of a Bun top with sesame seed, the bun is being sliced into half and inside they put in some meat with sauce. The Kong Pia that we had there was quite good.

Kong Pia

One of the food I must have when I am there is Kio Chap Mee (Tomato Noodles), and there is only this particular stall which the Tomato Noodles they serve are the type I like. This stall is stall 25/26 the name of the stall is called Ah Lau. I just love their tomato noodles. Instead of using like what most people will do these days, they deep fry the noodles until it is crispy and then they top it with tomato gravy...those are the ones I don't like. I like the one that Ah Lau does they fry the noodles first and then later on they cook the sauce and then pour it over the noodles. Somehow I think the noodles taste better this way. So if you are at Song Kheng Hai do try Ah Lau's Tomato Noodles.

Ah Lau's Delicious Tomato Noodles

To top it all I ordered another drink, It is a combination of sea coconut and lemon. The owner was pretty generous with the lemon slices for he gave me 2 thick slices of lemon. The sea coconut was superb. The drink is very cooling, it is sweet and taste a bit sour because of the lemon. The sea coconut is crunchy so it is very nice. This stall which sells this drinks is located next to Ah Lau if I am not mistaken. Their Sugarcane drink is to die for, it is freshly juiced and you can add in coconut fillings too.

Sea coconut with Lemon

And to top it all I found this adorable car parked at the car park.It may look ancient but hey it still works!! belongs to an old man living in the shop lots behind the car.

Hey I may look old but I am still strong!! =D

Friday, January 26, 2007

A Taste of Working 2 Different Jobs

November 2006, I started working at the Junk Restaurant, Then In January 2006, my tuition centre called up and offered me a tutoring position for upper primary and lower secondary English Language. Naturally I accepted the offer for tutoring has always been my part-time job to earn me my pocket money.

Soon I decided to try something, well... you can the greed for more cash made me do this. I decided to keep my work at the Junk restaurant and at the same time doing my tutoring job. I end up working at Junk on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday would be my tutoring days.

So far I felt quite comfortable doing these 2 jobs at the same time. Even though they are totally different jobs, I have learned to blend into it quite comfortably. But I must admit that at times I do feel tired and sometimes discouraged to go work but overall I am happy that I am doing 2 jobs.

Junk Restaurant (top) and Top Students Tuition Centre (Bottom)

But sad to say after this month I'll have to quit my job at the Junk Restaurant, as mentioned in my earlier post, I have done badly in my exams. So on February much of my time would be spend on doing my revision. But sometimes a thought would pass my mind...I am so used being busy and working 2 jobs at one time, would I get used to it once I quit? Well I guess I would but that would need a bit of time adjustment. I surely would miss all my buddies in the Junk.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stuck with Decisions

Have you ever in life did so badly in your exams and you felt really bad, you just don't know what to do?

Well I have, ashamed to say this, I have failed every single subject that I have taken for last semester and it was just horrible. Now I am facing exclusion from my Uni... and my mum is worried sicked about my studies. All of you must be thinking hard there, how in the world can this guy fail all his subjects? Simple question Simple answer... I was not well prepared for my finals. I was half playing half studying.

But now I have learned my lesson and I know my mistake so I will and I must change my old ways! (well easier said than done) but I swear I will do
and try my best.

Now my family is asking me to reconsider taking up accounting, they are afraid that I can't take it. Well I can take up accounting why can't I? If other people can do it, I can do it too right? furthermore I believe I have done pretty good in my bookk
eeping in Diploma. One of the main reasons that I am being asked to reconsider is because in the first place accounting was not a course that I actually opted for, put it this way I was kind of being forced to take it.

But after getting a taste of accounting I kind of like it... weird huh? Well one reason why I liked it is because by studying accounting I have a wider choice of career which I want to take up when I graduate. One of the choice that is available for me would be working in an Airline Company.

For years I have been an aviation enthusiast... I love to go to airport to do aircraft spotting during my free time. I basically read aviation magazines mainly on aviation business. One of my role model is Mr. Tony Fernandes the owner of Malaysia's mega Low Cost Carrier, Air Asia. From my understanding Mr. Fernandes is some what like me and aviation enthusiast but graduated as an accountant and worked for Warner music. One day he decided to shift his career from working and managing warner music to managing and owning his very own airline. Until today he is very successful, under his hands Air Asia has flourish.

In 2004 Air Asia placed an order for up to 80 Airbus A320 aircrafts (pictured), which in late 2006 the number of order was increased to a 100 aircrafts.

At first, I was stuck with a lot of decisions whether am I suppose to continue on with accounting, it was a tough decision that I had to ponder for a few days. But finally after getting some advice from a very good lecturer of mine, whom I will still see again this semester has certainly made decision making a lot easier.

Can you guess what is my final decision? ;-)

Well if you have guessed that I am still continuing as an accounting student than you are most certainly 100% correct!! I decided to pursue my career as an accountant! thanks to Mr. Fernandes and my Lecturer.

Air Asia's aircraft photo taken from Air Asia

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mysterious Vanishing of RM 10

I know this post is a it late but was too busy to post it up. so post it up now

, 11 January 2007. This day didn't end well for me. It ended like hell! My friends ask me to join a gathering, the very first venue was at a coffee shop near the 3rd mile Mc Donalds. But due to a sudden heavy downpour one of my friend decided not to join us, thus, the venue was changed last minute to this "Fusion" restaurant not far from 3rd Mile called The Colours.

Well I arrive there around 10pm found my friends and sat down and looked at the menu, first of I decided to order some nice fruit drink cause the name looks soo nice so I wanted to try it, so I placed my order but to find out that all the fruit juices and drinks are not available... never mind than, I scanned through the menu again to look for some other tempting drinks only to find that the menu is really over-priced.... guess what a can of coke cost RM3.80!!! Might as well I go and buy it from the supermarket or Kopi tiam (Coffee shop in Hokkien) ... in a supermarket I can get it for like RM1.05 and coffee shop like RM 1.60 which is considered quite expensive.

Well I\in the end i settled for an Italian Soda... which was not very cheap either,,, but no choice... better than nothing aye...not forgetting something the waitresses there have some major problem in standing still, the waitress that took our order was shaking her hips and legs and was hitting me and man was I getting annoyed, if it was a hot chick doing that I don't mind but it was a fuggly beotch (sorry ok not beotch...coz I was not that fond of her ok but she was fuggly).

Well my friends were hungry so they ordered some food namely chicken chop and lamb chop or something. The food was disappointing though.... I tasted it after my friend said it was tasteless... well it was practically tasteless!! Junk's menu maybe expensive but the food I get is not this crap!

But the highlight of the night was... Well when we were ready to go and was paying for out food and drinks. Something weird happened we ask the cashier to separate the bill cause some of our friends are still chatting there... first she said can we pay all at once for it is a tedious job to seperate the bill.... wtf.... this type of cashier can go to hell. Never mind so in the end the bill was separated so we paid... half way through the process another annoying waitress (beotch) just squeezed in between my friend and I without saying "EXCUSE ME"... this was how rude the waitresses are there. Suddenly after what seems like 2 minutes I noticed my RM10 was gone. So I kindly asked the Cashier.

ME: Excuse me, I am sorry but how much did I give you just now?

Cashier (beotch): I don't know. (She was still holding a wad of cash in her right hand)

ME: Can you please check for me I think I gave you extra.

Cashier (beotch): I don't know I already mixed the money in the cashier ( still holding a was of cash in her hands)

ME: Can you please check?

(beotch) : Sorry I can't the only way I would know is when I close the cashier

And after a long argument a guy (which I presumed was the manager) said when they close their cashier at 3 am they would let me know... but in the end they didn't. Some more the cashier never returned my change.

The following day I went back... and the whole place was filled with unfamiliar faces... so I told them then they called the boss and I talked to the boss yada yada.... and fuck him he said "My employees won't dare to cheat" but again I insisted on checking again. ( The boss didn't know what happened)... then a few hours later he called and told me that there was no extra money in the cash register... I just said ok sorry to bother. But in my heart I was saying....

"You fucking asshole, wait until close cashier for sure she can just sneak that RM10 out and said there is no extra... duh!!!!!" oh well... that teaches me a lesson always check the amount of money that I am paying before I pay to the cashier.

and furthermore.. I swore that I will never ever step into the colours again.... since the change of management... I think the service sucks.... and food wasn't that great and Overpriced!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

La politique de lieu de travail (workplace politics)

Hmm… Have been a busy for these past few days and thus, that is why I had not blog for quite some time. So here is a new entry from me.

After years of working as a part-timer, I’ve learned a lot. How different companies operates differently from one another.

I’ve also noticed that in any workplace there is bound to be something that is called the workplace politics. I usually get along with my colleagues real well but there are times when I do dislike some of my colleagues. I guess it is natural to have conflicts…

Recently I worked part-time at the junk. The first day working there seems ok, well everyone seems nice and without doubt everyone is friendly there. After working for sometime there I have finally realized something, there are many stories in the junk that made the employees there looking junky. I am not being mean or anything but it does seem this way.

I also learned about employees who generally don’t get along which each other, I also learned who I don’t really like and those lazy bums who love to delegate their work to others.

Even the tuition centre that I worked in also has some politics inside. Seems like one day when I graduate and start to work full time I will face more of this, but I’m sure I’ll be used to it by then as long as you ignore it and work like it is nobody’s fucking business all should remain peaceful unless someone kicks you on the ass and that spells war.