Saturday, September 29, 2007

Whatever....Anything...You Decide.

A friend of mine forwarded this email to me and its really funny and if you can read mandarin its even funnier.

男人最怕的三个 答案 (Three answers tat men are most afraid of)

1 )随 便 (Whatever)
男:今天 晚上咱们吃什么? Men: What to have for dinner?
女:随便。 Women: Whatever..
男:吃火锅吧。Men: Why not we have steamboat?
女:不行,吃火锅脸上要长痘痘。 Women: Don't want la, later got pimples on my face

男:要不咱们吃川菜。Men: Alright, why not we have Si Chuan cuisine

女:昨天刚吃的川菜,今天又吃....... Women: Yesterday ate Si Chuan, today again?

男:那咱们吃海鲜去? Men: Hmm..... then lets go for seafood
女:海鲜不好,吃了拉肚子。 Women: Seafood no good la, later I got diarrhoea
男:那你说吃什么? Men: Then what you suggest?

女:随便。 Women : Whatever..

2)都行 (Anything)

男:那咱们现在到底做什么? Men: So what should we do now?

女:都行。Women: Anything
男:看电影怎么样?很久没看电影了。 Men: How about watching movie? Long time we didn't watch movie

女:电影有啥好看的,耽误时间。Women: Watching movie no good la, waste of time only

男:那打保龄球,运动运动? Men: How about we play bowling, do some exercises?

女:大热天的运什么动啊,不嫌累啊? Women: Exercise in such hot day? you don't tire enough ah??

男:那找个咖啡店坐坐,喝点水。 Men: Then find a café and have drink

女:喝咖啡影响睡眠。Women: Drink coffee will affect my sleep
男:那你说干什么? Men: Then what you suggest?

女:都行! Women: Anything

3)看你 (You decide)
男:那咱们干脆回家好了。 Men: Then we just go home lo
女:看你。 Women: You decide

男:坐公车吧,我送你。 Men: Let take bus, I will accompany you

女:公车又脏又挤,算了吧。 Women: Bus is dirty and crowded. Don't want la...

男:那就打车走。 Men: Ok we will take Taxi

女:这么近的路不划算。 Women: Not worth it la... for such a short distance

男:那走路好了,散散步? Men: Alright, then we walk lo. Take a slow walk

女:空着肚子散哪门子步啊? Women: But how to walk with empty stomach woh?
男:那你想怎么着啊? Men: Then what you suggest?
女:看你。 Women: You decide
男:那就先吃饭? Men: Let's have dinner first
女:随便。 Women: Whatever...
男:吃什么? Men: Eat what?
女:都行 Women: Anything
男:......!!!!! Men: ..........!!!!!!

So to all the ladies out there. Try not to answer your boyfriends with these 3 words. LOL


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

Today, tonight the Chinese will be celebrating another one of their many festivals. Tomorrow the moon will be in full bloom and many young and old, well mostly the old will be gazing up at the beautiful moon beaming down at us.

At the same time little toddlers will be running around with their beautiful lanterns. I believe not only toddlers will be having fun with the lanterns even teenagers will be having tones of fun playing with lanterns.

Mooncakes will be served, and while chewing on the mooncakes some people will gaze up at the beautiful moon.

In case you guys do not know what actually is Mid-Autumn Festival about. Let me explain to you guys.

The Mid-Autumn Festival revolves around the moon and there are many traditional stories concerning the moon. It is believed that the Mid-Autumn Festival originated more than 2,000 years ago and in the old days the festival was devoted to praying to the gods. Because China is largely an agricultural society, the 15th day of the 8th lunar month happens to occur after the autumn harvest. That day the sky is generally clear and the weather fine and the people celebrate with post-harvest feasts, signifying the principle that “the divine and the human are one”. During the Song Dynasty, due to the influence of learned people, praying to the moon became widespread. The eating of mooncakes started towards the end if Yuan Dynasty because of a folk story of that time and later the observation of the Mid-Autumn Festival became important.

So far there are three folklores about the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I’ll celebrate it by telling the 3 folklores in this post.

Once, a beautiful lady known as Sister Yao married into the Yang family. Sadly her mother-in-law mistreated her. She was nasty towards Sister Yao and demands her to do the household chores during the day and by night she has to work on the hand loom.

Her mother-in-law treats her as if she was a workhorse and showed no mercy towards her.

As the harsh days passed by and soon it was the 15th day of the 8th month and the moon was round, bright. It was a lovely sight.

The wretched mother-in-law came into Sister Yao’s room bringing with her an extra load of cotton for the poor girl to weave. She then commented “People say that you, Sixth Sister Yao is a capable person. Turn this seven jin of cotton into cloth.” And she went out of the room.

Sister Yao was in a dilemma, she thought even if she did not go to sleep. She can’t possibly weave the seven jin of cotton into clothes in just one night. As she tried her best weaving the cottons the oil lamp’s light went out. She had no choice but to bring the workload outside as the moon was shining brightly that night.

It was already the fourth watch and Sister Yao was still weaving. If she can’t finish the work when day breaks she will get beaten by that wretched mother-in-law of hers.

Suddenly, a dragon boat appeared from the moon and started sailing towards Sister Yao’s direction. It was a boat full of immortals. One of the immortals called out to Sister Yao, “Sixth Sister Yao go to sleep now, don’t weave anymore.” She replied the immortals that if she doesn’t finish the weaving, she will get beaten tomorrow. Without any reply the boat full of immortals disappeared into thin air followed by strong wind blowing which forced Sister Yao to stop weaving and go back into the house. The Strong winds continued the whole night and poor Sister Yao could do nothing but to wait and get beaten tomorrow morning.

True enough, when morning arrived, Sister Yao was beaten. Then the mother-in-law when into the room to check how many jins of cotton had Sister Yao weaved. There a loud shriek from the room for the wooden loom has turned into a golden loom. It was really gold.

The mother-in-law inquired about what had Sister Yao done the night before. Sister Yao then told what happened from the oil lamp to the dragon boat incident.

The mother-in-law then remembered about the traditional lore that during the mid-autumn night, immortals would leave the moon palace on a dragon boat. For those who are lucky enough to see them, whatever they touch would turn into gold!

From that day onwards the wretched mother-in-law changed her attitude towards her daughter in law. She started to treat her nicely and they work together in the chores and they lived harmoniously ever after.

The story was passed down and the custom of gazing at the moon until the fourth watch became prevalent. It is said that the custom is based on the hope of seeing the dragon boat.

So for those of you, who wish to get rich, don’t forget to do some moon gazing until the fourth watch on the 15th day of the 8th month. Who knows you might see a dragon boat full of immortals. LOL…

It is said that during the time of the legendary Emperor Yao, there were ten suns which took turns to illuminate the earth. But one day, out of playfulness the ten suns appeared together in the human realm.

One sun brings prosperity to humanity, but ten suns spell DOOM. The human realm suffered from the ten suns.

An order was given to Hou Yi a excellent archer to check on the suns. Her wife decided to follow him. They saw the pitiful state of the human realm as the result of the appearance of the ten suns.

Hou Yi decided to subdue the ten suns. As he prepared to shoot, his wife asked him to stop as he was violating the God of Heaven’s instructions by killing the suns. But Hou Yi did not care, he continued on with his plan. As the nine suns was subdued, one was being left alive.

As his violation on the instructions given to him Hou Yi was banished to earth as a normal human being. His wife followed him to dwell among the humans. They were astounded by the beauty of the human realm.

Suddenly, out of no where a man kneeled before Hou Yi and asked Hou Yi the divine archer to accept him as his disciple and teach him archery. The man introduced himself as Feng Meng and he wish to learn archery to subdue demons and improve the welfare of people. Hou Yi accepted Feng Meng as his disciple and taught him well.

One day, a strange beast attacked the villagers, Hou Yi came to the rescue by using one arrow he killed the beast. Hou Yi became the hero of the human realm. He was practically being worshiped by the people. Since then, Hou Yi changed into someone else whom Chang-e doesn’t recognize anymore. On the other side, Feng Meng felt jealous the attention Hou Yi is getting from the people.

One day, Hou Yi was looking for Chang-e, he took with him the elixir of life which he has obtained from the Queen Mother of the West. He describe the use of the elixir that if a person drinks it he or she can fly at will but when two people drink it they can be young forever and never age. Hou Yi suggested that they both drink the elixir and dominate the human realm forever. Chang-e felt sad towards the changed in Hou Yi’s attitude and character and wondered how long could she remained together with him.

Suddenly Feng Meng called out to Hou Yi, saying that he has a gift to offer to his master. Hou Yi decided to go and take a look. As he looked for Feng Meng, Chang-e decided to drink the elixir alone and leave Hou Yi. At that moment Hou Yi was killed by Feng Meng. Chang-e decided to go to somewhere cold and desolate. Thus, she drifted to the moon.

The legend of Chang-e was passed down. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chinese would gaze at the faraway moon and think of Chang-e.

Chang Ting this is not a story about you ar eventhough both of you have "Chang" in your name. LOL…joking...joking

The story of Chang-e is a very popular story for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The last but not least is about mooncakes presented on Mid-Autumn Festival.

It was the end of the Song Dynasty and the Mongols ruled China. The Mongols were harsh towards the people as they were afraid of the people bringing an up rise. To control them anyone who dares to disobey them was punished severely and people hated them.

They even tried to slaughter all the people which they can’t. Someone came up with the idea that a Soldier was to be stationed in each and every household which will be able to stop the people to communicate with one another and plan on how to attack the Mongols.

One day a group of people gathered together secretly without the knowing of the Tatars. They were planning on how to subdue the Tatars, which they found it hard for there were Tatars in each and every household.

A wise old man then thought of a brilliant idea. Since the next day was the Mid-Autumn Festival, each household will be given a circular cake. The people are being instructed to cut-open the cake and it was a must to cut the cakes open.

Everyone thought the plan was brilliant and the plan was being implemented. In order not to let any suspicion from the Tatars. Each household was being told that it was a tradition to cut open the cakes and eat the fillings. When the people cut open the cakes, they found a note inside the cake. The notes instructed the people to kill the Tatars at the third watch that night. As the third watch approaches, each people went into action. Some added rat poison to the cakes and let the Tatars eat it.

Later, to commemorate the joyous occasion of getting their liberty and peace, the people would eat the cakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The cakes then underwent changes before they evolved into the mooncakes that we see today with many different fillings.

How very true, today mooncakes come in many different shapes and sizes and also flavours. Some are good… some awful.

Enjoy your mooncakes and moon gazing. I am off to play my lantern now. Cheers!

edz-lfe.blogspot would like to wish everyone a Happy Moon Cake Festival or Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. 祝大家中秋节快乐。。。

Some photos are taken from:
  1. my.opera
  2. chinatown collection

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Not Again!

Ok... I was being tagged again. Seems like I am a great target for tagging.

Since I don't want people to say that I do not support them. Well they don't say it direct but there are implications ;-P

This time around I was tagged by non other than Chye Lin. So here goes.

  1. Where is your cell phone? In my wonderful room
  2. Relationship? Why must there always be such a question.... sheesh... Single
  3. Your hair? normal hair...wavy I might say
  4. Study? Still struggling
  5. Your sister? One sister, in KL now. Missin her
  6. Your favorite thing? Doing nothing
  7. Your dream last night? am I suppose to remember
  8. Your favorite drink? Coffee... that is why I am caffeine addicted
  9. Your dream car? BMW 5 series! Sexy hot car man!
  10. The room you’re in? Computer area
  11. Your shoes? 10
  12. Your fears? no money, fail my exams
  13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Successful in life, rich, happy...
  14. Who did you hang out with this weekend? my students... and my computer
  15. What are you not good at? Singing, dancing, acting I guess
  16. One of your wish list items? Rich
  17. Where you grew up? Sarawak
  18. Last thing you did? Teaching
  19. What are you wearing? DUH! I AM NAKED! nah just kidding... clothes of course
  20. What aren’t you wearing? Undies....nah jokin again, shoes and flip flops.
  21. Your pet? Gold fish and my cute doggy
  22. Your computer? mixed breed...LOL
  23. Your life? Sustainable....but shit happens
  24. Your mood? marginal
  25. What are you thinking about right now? next week test, no money....
  26. Your car? Kancil
  27. Your kitchen? Normal size
  28. Your summer? There is no summer in Malaysia ... duh.....
  29. Your favorite color? Black...
  30. Last time you laughed? While I was teaching
  31. Last time you cried? err.... When I was a lil boy?
  32. School? Graduated from school now in Uni
  33. Love? Where is the love?
Oh and I actually forgot about Chye Lin's birthday. Sorry bout that but will certainly remember it next time. Hehehe...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Chye Lin and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Wei Ta. God Bless you both.


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bidding Farewell & Wishing good luck

Have you ever feel that time waits for no one and it flies by very fast? Well, I never ever had this thought but when I started to reflect back into those yesteryears, I realise that time has certainly gone by so fast until I didn't feel it.

Another blink of an eyes it is already the month September and my mid-term exams are all coming up. Not only that 3 of my students has already sat for their UPSR, a public examination.

I gave these students 2 extra classes to prepare for their examination. With the e
xtra classes I hope that I can clarify all their doubts and let them understand more on how to tackle the exam questions. The only thing that worries me the most is their Paper 2 which is an all writing format. They tend to make a lot of unnecessary spelling mistakes and also grammatical mistakes.

On the last day of their class which was combined with my other primary classes, they decided to organise a small farewell party with my permission. I also took this opportunity to take some photos of them together and also not forgetting me in the picture too. Hey, how can I not be in the photos I am the star in there, I am the main character... LOL... aren't I just so vain.

Basically almost my whole class.

The last day together with them was just great. We had a great time, laughing and disturbing each other. Actually my student gave me a really really funny comment, she said she wants and likes me to be strict to them. So here is part of the conversation we had.

Me : Do you guys know why am I strict towards all of you?
Student : So that we all do our work.

Me : Erm.... no, so that you guys will not overplay and also improve in your studies. Student : Oh... but you are funny when you are strict. (Laughs...)
Me : ............. (=.=)...funny when I am strict....Ok....that is not the way it
should be...
Student : But its true... so you should go on and be strict!

Me : ....(nearly puked blood...stayed speechless but smiled)

My primary 6 students. Love them heaps!

He is tall for a 12 year old!

The small one...totally opposite from the student in the top photo...but he is so cute!

So hard to ask her to take a photo.... =.=''

Self-proclaimed Mr. Acute... as vain as me

So I guess I am just not the strict type of person cause when I am strict I am funny. Its like the total opposite of what strict is suppose to do. I guess I should not be strict the next round. *winks*

The primary 4s

This one is my super chatter-box talk non-stop 24/7

This one is my super laughter 3000... able laugh non-stop 24/7

It is hard to believe that I have been teaching in Top Students for 2 years. I enjoy teaching there and the company of my colleagues. I just hate the delay of the pay every month. Will I still be teaching there next month? Well I guess its safe to say, Yes I will still teach there. Another thing is that I wish my students good luck and pray that they will do well in their UPSR.

I would also like to wish my form 3 students who are currently preparing for their PMR now. Good Luck, study hard, study smart.

On another issue. I had my blog rated. I saw this blog rating thingy from chye lin's blog and decided to try it on my mine. The results was astounding! For those who wants to read my blog, you will need Parental Guidance! They tested on the words hell which was repeated in my blog for 3 times and puke which I used it once.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Bugger....its only the 5th week and already test and exams are coming in. The worst part is that it's just the beginning now and there is still a long road ahead. So I guess my suppose to be upcoming post about Malaysia's actual age has to be delayed. Need to drill myself for the first paper now, Contract Law.

Actually come to think of it how time flies by so fast. It seems like I have just started my semester not long ago but now I have been studying for a month already. Soon I will be sitting for my finals again. I sure hope I can pass all my papers this semester, and I also hope I can change my attitude towards my studies this semester, trying hard but little progression, seems like in my life I have too many distractions. No, lets put it this way, I am one disorganised arse, no doubt about that. Every time I make a plan to study I end up doing something else like watching CSI Miami, CSI and CSI NY.

Tomorrow will be my first test, as I have mentioned its Contract law, one heck of a buggerin subject which I do not like at all. It requires a lot of reading like all my other subjects, my lecturer expect us to answer the test like professional law students and come to think of it my major or put it this way our major is in accounting. Worst come to worst, I had to read a whole full 6 chapters on the laws of contract, how shitty can things get?

Well back to my books now. Wish me luck!