Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Short Talk:
Back to study soon. I can't wait to go back! Yahoo!!


A few days before the Chinese New Year, I was doing some spring cleaning. As I was rummaging through my stuffs, I found many of my old stuffs. Basically, some are just junks and I wonder why the hell did I even draw those things or bought those stuffs.

Some of the stuffs are hard to part with but I still had to give them up as my room is being cluttered up and if I don't clean it up soon, I won't have a room anymore. So as I was clearing up I started to clear some boxes which I kept above my cupboard. I found my really old printer and my old keyboard and also my old worn out CD-Rom. Those were they by-gone years.

Then, when I opened up this very nice box and I found birthday cards from close friends of mine. I decided to open up the cards and re-read them true. Suddenly, nostalgic memories started to fill my head. My 19th birthday present. Florence, Koh Ping, Jason and a few other friends who gave me a very nice shirt. They apologies for not getting me the die-cast plane model. For they know I love airplanes a lot and I had a little collection of it. I never really cared of what they got me. The most important thing is that they are around me. I suddenly felt like crying, those were the happy times and now we have all gone our own ways. Some of them far off. Some of them busy with their own lives. I truly missed them so much, that words alone cannot describe how much I wanted to see them.

This has also made me realize one thing, These friends of mine are my true friends. They are the ones who know me so well. inside out,they are the ones who cares for me a lot after my own family. They are virtually like my second family. That is why I truly treasure them so much.This has also made me realize that new friends are not always the the ones who understands me. They can never take the place of these old friends of mine. They are not like my family and they are certainly different. Things happened and it has opened my eyes.

Friends like Tee Heng and Lone are friends that are hard to come by. They are my true friends who will always be beside me when I needed them. Especially Tee Heng, He is a friend that words alone can't describe him. He is willing to help me out in anyways he could, be it financially. He trusts me. I realize that if I do loan cash from him. He will never ask me back in a rush but instead if I wanted to pay him back, he will say, "take your time, you need the cash now". Lone, would be another friend who isn't afraid to help out financially if I have problems or if I am facing family issues, he will be there to guide me and give me advice. These two people are heaven sent. Guys, I truly appreciate you and trust me on this one, we will remain forever good buddies and brothers. If you guys are in need of help, I will not hesitate to help you guys.

At the same time. I realize I also made some big time suck ass friends who are over calculative with me. Its like you asked them to do a bit for you. They will use ethics to pressure you. If I were to talk about ethics with them I think, they would fail big time. These are the friends whom I do not treasure but I will treat them as normal friends.

I've seen many people in life. Some friends, when they are in need of help will come and look for you. Some, when they go back to their own hometown, will never contact you. The amazing part was that even if they do come back. They will never notify you until you accidentally found out that they were here maybe a week ago. Some will give you reasons, saying that..."Oh I am so sorry but I was really I can't contact or look for you". I sometimes felt that these are very lame reasons.

To my surprise, friends that I have met later are far more warmer and nicer towards me. A friend of mine from Sibu, whom I met later in my years in degree kept inviting me over and over again to Sibu and even offered me to stay over at his house and the amazing part, I jokingly told him I don't have money to eat in Sibu. he just said its ok, don't worry about food just bring yourself over here and the rest leave it to me. Now, if I was to compare this friend with a friend also from the same town which I met say, 3 to 4 years ago, which in my memory, never ever invited me over to Sibu and there are many more things which I will refrain from mentioning in here.

I am not being petty or anything. Its just that, in life there are so many type of people. Sometimes friends are even more better than your own relatives!

All these has taught me, who I should treasure as a real friend.

A little space for dedication:

To Florence:-

Che, I miss you so much and I am so looking forward to seeing you in June or July. I truly hope that I am over in Australia so I can visit you more frequently. You are already like my real sister, even by name and blood we are not. But in my heart you are just like my blood sister.

To Tee Heng and Lone:-

Both of you are what I would say friends that are heaven sent. I truly treasure you guys and let this be a vow that we will be friends for eternity and let not have anything that comes between us in the future. You guys are practically like my blood brothers. Like I mentioned above, if you guys have any problem which I could help within the boundaries that I can, I will help you guys to the end. Bless both of you.

To Kelly:-

Indeed we have met not for a very long time. But fate works in a funny way. You are just like my real sister. What more to think that we are somehow or somewhat related. LOL.

To Vivien:-

We may have met a few semesters ago.But you are such a nice, sincere and helpful friend. I am very happy to have met you. Bless you.

To Ping and Francis:-

Hey there you two crazy people. I wish both of you the very best in the future. Ping I am so happy to see that you have finally found your true love. Francis, I know you are a very busy person and that you don't read my blog. I believe you don't even know the existence of this blog.LOL...but nevertheless, work hard, and treat Ping nicely or else I will give you a good kick on your ass if you don't. Ping same goes to you, treat Francis nicely, or else your case, I will ask Sylvia to give you a good kick on your ass too. LOL. Nyways, All the best to both of you. My blessings towards both of you guys.

To Sylvia:-

Cuzzie! haha...Even if we don't contact much, but you are such a nice cousin. Even we are not closely related but I treat you as a cousin that is closely related to me. We should keep in contact more. Its fun hanging out with you.Bless you always

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Valentine

Two more days and it will be valentine's day. What are your plans with the one you love? A candle light dinner? 99 red roses to show that you will love your partner forever? Whatever it is, I am sure all you have great plans ahead.

I will be spending my Valentine's day with my students. Candle light dinner with them? Well, more like under the fluorescent light, white board and books and heaps of shouting from them and I.

After that, maybe a stroll down the park alone, Maybe a candle light dinner by myself and tell myself how much I loved myself.LOL... How nice would that be eh?

I love you~~ LOL

Anyway...Happy Valentine's to y'all.
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love is in the air?


As we grow up most of us tend to find a companion to accompany us and take care of us and vice versa. At the same time when we find the right person, you will treasure them deeply and you just want to spend more time with them. Relationships can range from complicated to just a simple relationship. It just depends on how the couples deal and see their relationship as.

As for me, I guess I prefer to keep my relationship simple, stress free but at the same time I also require my partner to be sincere and loyal for I for will definitely be sincere and loyal to my partner and of course, it is naturally for me to require the same treatment back. Usually, if I feel that when I am in a relationship that is very stressful, I would usually just give up that relationship.You can say that I am selfish but that is just me. Although, I am trying to change that bit because, I felt that at the very least I should try and curb these problems and not run away from it.

Within these few years. Well mainly, last year and this year, I suddenly became a "couple's counsellor" but I would prefer to call myself "the ear". I have always told my friends (close ones that is) that if they have anything feel free to call me up and I will be more than happier to lend them an ear and also my shoulders if they needed too. Soon, I found out that, I had to comfort and give opinions to them quite regularly. I don't know are my advices and comforting words working on them, but if it works, I am very happy.

As for me, My last relationship was with Angel, it was a brief one. Back then, I felt that we had something special and thus, I decided to give it a go. Well, I do love her but I guess the love wasn't that strong.Furthermore during, that time I was facing a lot of stress, from work, family and my studies. It was then, I realise that I was not ready for a realtionship. Thus, I made the hardest decision in my life, that was to call-off the relationship. I really let her down and felt really bad. But, I felt that since I was not ready, it is fair to her that I should end this relationship.

Angel is well...truely an Angel. Even after the break-up we continued to be good friends. She bought me J.Co doughnuts! How sweet and lovely of her. I must say, she is a very beautiful lady. Beautiful, especially in her heart. I also learnt that she has found a new partner who truely treasures her and cares and appreciate her. Seeing her happy now, makes me happy. Finally she has found someone who is way better than me. Angel, I am very happy for you and I wish you both the very best.

Again,as for me? some of my friends started to ask me am I in a realtionship now because in my friendster I changed my status to 'In a relationship'. Basically, I would say, yes I am in a relationship. So far, everything seems to be smooth after some really rough patches, but sometimes I do feel like my love life now is like a yoyo.

If some are going to ask me about the future with my partner. Well... I will say... the future is still blur for me now. For this depends on both party. I may plan a beautiful future for us...but if my partner is not planning to be with me in the future, what is the point of me making all these stupid plans right? Making a wonderful plan for the future and seeing yourself in the future with your partner will give you the tingles and make you feel exillarated but at the end of the day if your partner doesn't want to be with you, All I can say is that...your whole world crashes down on you and you will feel really stupid and naive. The worse part, is the pain that hurts so much that words alone can't explain. How do I know this? Well lets just say I have been there. That is why it has taught me to be more cautious now. But there is always this small little thought of the future in your head, well I don't know it that apply to you guys out there but it happens to me. So whenever this thoughts comes out I will push it away and I am getting very good with that.I am more to living for today now.

By saying what I have said above there is when I took into consideration of something a friend has told me. There is no Ever Lasting Love. Which I find it partially true, and also partially untrue.I would say it all depends on each individual. For me, I wanted to believe there is but at times I just don't know what to think anymore.

But nevertheless, I am still feeling great!!

I guess I am going to stop here now.

To all my friends out there, Don't bother to ask me who is my gf or whatever. Because when the time comes you guys will know it. I won't entertain or answer such questions for now.

To Dearest Angel:
Thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you for your doughnuts. Thank you for your love. Thank you for everything and words alone can't express my gratitude.I would also like to say that, if you have any problems and you feel like talking to someone, remember I will always be there for you, ready to lend you my ears. Let's just say, it is my turn to be an Angel and I will be your guardian Angel plus a close friend. *Hugs* and *kisses*.

Oh btw... have I told are a true angel in my eyes!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Reluctantly being tagged..... =.=

Ask HIM not to tag me HE just don't understand...still want to tag me. bleh....

Here are those taggies questions:-

Seven things you plan to do before you die

1. Establish a firm career, earn heaps of $$$
2. Spend time with the one I love
3. Spend time with family
4. Build a nice cozy house
5. Travel round the world
6. Help as many poor and needy people as I can
7. Tell the one whom I love that I love you so much

Seven things you can do

1. can spend lots of money
2. can talk crap until others fall asleep
3. can tell super lame jokes that makes people wanna bash me up
4. can make kids cry without beating them, by using sarcasm only
5. can be a real ass if I wanted to
6. can be a really sarcastic ass if I want to
7. can act cute and make people vomit

Seven most repeated phrases or words

1. Shit!
2. Fuck!
3. Macibai
4. huh?
5. o....
6. yea....
7. die liao....

Seven physical traits you look for the opposite sex

1. Sexy
2. Hot!
3. Sizzling hot
4. Cute
5. Kissable sexy lips
6. Smiling face not the 'bin ci ci' one (means always pull a long face)
7. Not an obese lady.

Three names you go by

1. Edwin
2. dwin
3. dwin dwin

Three things you like about yourself

1. Adorable
2. Handsome
3. Damn hot!! (errrr.....don't puke k)

Three things you don't like about yourself

1. Still quite fat...wanna loose more weight
2. being too handsome
3. Too lovable

Three things that scares me

1. Failing my exams
2. No money
3. When someone I love says they don't want me anymore

Three drinks *non and alcoholic*

1. Coffee
2. Milk (choc & fresh)
3. Peach & Orange Juice

Three of your daily essentials

1. Money
2. Handphone
3. Love

Three things that you are wearing now

1. A T-shirt & Short pants
2. A ring
3. A stud

Three of my favourite movies

2. Simsons, The movie
3. Chipmunks!

Two Truths and A Lie

1. Truth 1 : I am so handsome
2. Truth 2 : I such a hunk
3. Lie: All the truths stated above is a lie

Three things about the opposite sex that appeals you

1.She is look-able
2. Kind hearted
3. Not a total bitch

Three careers that you are considering, or have considered
1. accountant (considering which field to enter)
2. Airline CEO (considering)
3. Lecturer (considering)

Three people you would like to tag

1. Chye Lin ( so she can update her blog)
2. Jadey
3. Johnson

Don't tag me anymore...please I beg of you...

Monday, February 04, 2008



Wow...time really is zooming past fast. 3 more days and the Chinese will be celebrating the Chinese New Year.


猫猫穿衣服咯!好可爱哦!!kitty is wearing shirt...cute!!

Come to think of it I have been living in this world for a good 22 years, well coming 23 years. Sighs... I am getting old. I suddenly realise that life can be really routine. For 23 good years I have been celebrating the Chinese New Year the same way. Suddenly, I feel really tired, the mood somehow just isn't there. But the very one thing I look forward to Chinese New Year is that most of my friends will be back here in Kuching. Sadly, this year my dear sister Florence won't be able to make in back.


Hotlink的财神爷!哈哈!Hotlink's money god! LOL



The bright side is I get to see Lone...(a.k.a LC Bin). Well for those out there who are wonder what in the world does 'LC' means... trust me you don't wanna know...LOL. It is best kept between us. To those who understands... he forced me to give him this nick, he started it all first! I swear!


This year, my new year will be wee bit different. Main difference would be that I will be working at The Junk restaurant on the 3rd and 4th day of Chinese New Year. Well I don't think I am gonna earn much, I just did it to relief my friend for 2 days.


Well, the streets in Kuching now is filled with Chinese New Year decorations. Shopping complexes and Mall are blaring with Chinese New Year songs.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there to have a Happy prosperous New Year, May you have a blessed year ahead with cash running into your pockets and also prosper in your health.



Happy Chinese New Year everyone...

p/s:Sighs... wonder how many ang pows will I have this year hor....

Friday, February 01, 2008

Chicago 7

Short Talk:
Wanted to go for a shopping spree... but I noticed that my wallet keeps telling me insufficient funds... sighs......


Eating outlets are mushrooming everywhere in Kuching these days. Some are good some are bad, some are acceptable. Some have good food, some has inedible food, some have good food but damn lousy service.

Chicago 7 would be a new fast food chain in Kuching.They proudly claimed that they have the best broaster chicken in town and its being done the original way. But when I visited the restaurant, the broaster chicken was NOT yet available...ok fine... I accept the fact that maybe the machines has not arrived yet. So we had no choice but to order what was on the menu that is Burgers only.




Genuine Broaster

For those of you who had read Kenny Sia's blog, Chicago 7 should not be a new name to you. They gave their beef burger some weird name. The called it Cow I ordered the double cheese cow burger and ordered a blackcurrent drink. They gave me a number and said they will send my burger over. After paying up, adorable Tee Heng and I went and look for a seat to settle down.


After a few minutes a group of ladies sat a table or two away from us, then a small family sat opposite us and another family came in much later. To our astonishment, the people who came later than us got their food first. So we thought maybe their orders are easier to make. Maybe they have not caught or slaughtered the cow for my cow burger yet and Tee Heng's chicken burger's chicken must have escaped and they are trying to catch that naughty little feathered fowl back.

Then things got a little quirky, everyone who came later than us got their food and ours seem to be lost somewhere, I was going to be late for work... damn those people... has my cow really ran off? Has Tee Heng's chicken flew away and got into someone's pot of curry?

I called the person who took our order and asked...

Me: Excuse me, where is our food? We ordered earlier on and all the other people who came later got their food and I am going to be late for my work.(*tulan face...)

*tulan means pissed off in Hokkien

Waiter: (nervous and frightened look) ... oh ok... I go check now... (runs off to check our order)

Me: *Smirks*

But... we still had to wait for quite sometime. The order came... adorable Tee Heng takes a look at his burger and...

Adorable Tee Heng: (in mandarin...) Kanineh...this type of burger ask me cook at home I also know ma....GY...&^^$#%**U

Me: *looks at my burger*... mine looks good... but my fries... so sad looking... bloody hell!!

Do you guys have any idea that the fries portion is so little... so sad looking.

Look at the fries portion!! So little....bloody hell

At least Mr. Cow was not so bad.


To be fair my burger was good. As for Tee Heng's I have no idea, you guys can ask him bout that.

My Ratings for Chicago 7:

Food: 7/10
Service: 4/10 (They didn't even apologise for the late coming of our food)
ambience of the restaurant: 8/10


On another issue, totally not related to food is that I am so bored in my office and I do not have any internet connection and I don't know what to do until I started playing with Microsoft Paint. Is Started to create a few things...that was how bored I was. I will show you some of my masterpieces here. Well in all seriousness.I think it just sucks. LOL!







Now I am here, bored and blogging this post via notepad, in the office. I seriously have nothing to do now. Hahaha!