Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Plane Spotting

Tuesday Morning, bright and sunny! A good day for plane spotting heh heh...actually I just want to go and take a peek at Silkair's baby Airbus 319. Not only that I also wanted to catch the wide body of Malaysia and also Batavia Air. I arrived at my spotting spot around 8.55 pretty close to 9 though and patiently waited and all I can it was pretty fruitful. But...sadly sadly my camera ain't that good so what I got wasn't really good...need to invest in new camera. Now to put the photos up!

Batavia Air 821 from JKT/PNK - Arrived a rare sight 2 Foreign Airlines in Kuching at one time

Batavia Air B737-200 Leaving for PNK/JKT

Silkair A319 leaving for SIN

Sunday, August 06, 2006


On the 9th of August Swinburne University of Technology Australia and Sarawak Campus would be holding the Graduation Ceremony 2006. Roughly 200 Graduans will be present on that day.

Out of the 200 Graduans I am one of them...YES! YES! Finally! I have completed my Diploma I can graduate from my dilpoma. I am so happy. I Had my rehearsal today at the venue which is at Dewan Santapan the DUN building.

Sarawak State Legislative Building

Cool eh~ we are actually using the Sarawak State Legislative Building (locally known DUN) for our uni's graduation ceremony. Guess it is because we are an Australian University and the CM will be present on that day also, the ceremony is exteremely formal and stylish, how are suppose to enter the hall, where to stop and bow when to clap etc must all be perfect. But overall it was a fun experience and I can't wait for wednesday to come when I would really graduate.

Sad though my parents can't make it cause they will be working but hey just to let you know I am still continuing into my degree. I am taking Bachelor of Business Accounting. Heard that it is damn hard...oh well wish me luck to pass my degree and once more would be able to graduate but this time would be for my degree and my parents would most definitely attend this one.
Toll bridge to SSLB