Friday, August 31, 2007

Celebrating 50 years of Independece


MERDEKA simply means independence in the Malay language. This year Malaysia is going big. We are celebrating 50 years of Independence since 31 August 1957. At the same time this year has been designated as Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Lots and lots of interesting events have been planned for this year as I said before we are celebrating 50 years of nationhood. But there is a mistake in that, it is actually not 50 years but only 44 years. All of you must be wondering why is it 44 years and not 50 years? And if that is the case why are we claiming it to be 50 years, errr... Long story. Will explain it in another post.

For this post I would like to focus more on the New Proton Persona.
PERSONA, Proton's Pride and Joy

About a week ago, Proton a Malaysian car manufacturer launch a new sedan which was designated as the Proton Persona. Thus, they called it their pride and joy. I was really anxious to see what will this new sedan look liked. I believed a lot of people were down right curious how does the car look. They cleverly revealed parts of the car out. Just like when they wanted to launch the Proton Savvy. They showed the head lamps which looks cool.

The Proton Gen-2

Alas, the day of launching has arrived. When I looked at the ads revealing the car. My mouth just fell open... literally fell open not because of excitement but sheer disappointment. The car resembled a lot like the Proton Gen - 2, put it this way it was Gen-2 stretched! It was a Gen-2 with an arse! I was really disappointed.

The 16000 cc Proton Persona was to replaced the old tattered looking Proton Wira. But the new Persona is not without its good points. Researched has been done to improve the Persona. One of the improvements was the rear headroom which is now 980mm. Something which the Gen 2 lacks. I thought the CD player looks funky.

The boot of the car seems to be very big. The interior is quite spacious. But I don't quite like the steering wheel. Overall I think Persona is a so so car. But for the price they are offering for a 1.6 cc car it is quite a catch.

But personally, I would rather go for a Myvi or a Toyota Vios. LOL... I never quite fancy Proton's cars.

For more information about Persona, Visit


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tagged.... -___________-''

I thought I was being spared from this tagged game but how wrong could I be.... Ah Yieng decided to take me on as on of her target.... and thus here I am! Blogging bout bunch of craps. I took the liberty to change some of the unsuitable questions for a man. Uh huh like one of the question that asked do you wished to be a boy... duh! I am a boy and proud of it and got big balls to prove that!

1. Do you ever lie about your age?

DUH! I am not those who lives in denial! NO!

2. Do you prefer sensitive women or tough women?

Tough question.... I would like a mixture. to balance things up.

3. Do you prefer Blonde or dark haired women?
Who gives a damn, as long as we love each other

4. Are you currently single?
Hah! I still want to enjoy my bachelorhood while I can.

5. How many things in your past do you regret?
Uncountable... but I've learned from them... errr... have I?

6. Do you have a best friend?
Of course I have! Duh! and I treasure them a lot.

7. What do you want to do when you grow up?
What the... I am already almost grown up... I wanna go around the world!

8. Who was the last person you hugged?
Can't remember....Florence who left for Aussie (Miss her heaps)

9. Have u ever had your heart broken?
Like totally... but it has been glued back with scars on it.

10. Have you ever thought about having plastic surgery?
Who knows.... I might wan erected tough breast that points out left and right like Posh spice a.k.a Victoria Beckham... (Jokin....)

11. Do you like your life?
Depends on what day am I facing.

12. Do you shop at Hollister?
What the hell is Hollister....

13.Have one of your friends ever stolen a girlfriends from you?
huh? I have tonnes of "girlfriends" they can steal all they want. I don't give no shit about it.

14. Has one of your friends ever stabbed you in the back?
If anyone of you(my friends) dares to back stabbed me... I'll make sure you live the rest of your life in regret and that you want to die soon.

15. Do you have more friends that are girl or boys?
Who the heck will go and count how many boy or girl friends we have.... sheesh

16. How long have you had friendster?
Of course... its the only way I can keep in touch with my friends (well... technically)

17. Have you ever cheated on someone?
Who doesn't cheat... if you don''re not human.

18. Has anyone ever cheated on you?
Of course! and they regretted it.... (Buahahaha)

19. Have you ever slapped a guy in the face?
Why the hell would I want to slap a guy on the face? I'll just kick his balls.

20. What is one of your biggest fears?
No money.... of course... should I say... no Lord in my heart?

21. Have you ever skipped class?
If you never skipped a class, you are such a NERD... I DO!

22. Has anyone close to you ever passed away? grandma (mother's side), never really closed to my grandpa anyway.

23. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
I am a man not a wimp who cries! Sheesh.... waste of my tears

24. Have you ever not been able to get someone out of your head?
a waste of time thinking of them... best erase them off.. I feel much better now.

25. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater"?
Well.... it applies to some people not all... so let's not go stereotyping

26. Have you ever had a good feeling about something and it turned out that you were right?
Those were the days which I hope it doesn't end.

27. Do you ever wish u were a boy?
Wot the hell... this question doesn't apply to me, well let's alter it to "girl"... answer is simple... NO WAY I LUV MAH MANHOOD BRO!

28. Do you ever wish you were famous?
Of course

29. Do you guys think women smell nice in perfume?
not when its OD... it makes me wanna puke when they OD.

30. Tag 5 People
What... I have to tag people... fine then. SAM, Cheryl, Morgan, Jadey, Pei Chen

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cute!! かわいい(Kawaii Des!!)

I am so engrossed with this cute adorable Odoru or the Japanese name のほほん族 (No idea how to read it!). Well that is what the name says at the box. Actually I have seen this so called toy in the market for quite sometime and has always find it very adorable. What actually is it?

My Odoru, Buddy~

Back view (wow!...cute arse)

Well... I think the only way I could describe it, is in this way. Odoru (のほほん族 ) or from the website it says nonohon... I am not sure which name is it. Basically it is like a smiley with a body. It has this sweet smile on its face that melts your heart. Not only that can shake itself and guess what no batteries needed! Odoru(のほほん族) uses solar power to move itself. There is this small solar panel in front which takes in the sunlight and power Odoru (のほほん族) to move itself. There are a few versions of Odoru (のほほん族) some nods its head other sits down and swing its head from side to side and another Swings the head and hip from side to side. I chose the one that swings both the head and the hip, at the same time I decided to go for the colour ocean blue. It has this soothing feeling. Whenever I take a peek at buddy (gave it a name... =P) it brings smile to my face, for one very good reason, he seems so peaceful and the most important part is that it is a gift from two of my best friends, Lone and Tee Heng. Thank you guys for this wonderful, fantastic present. I truly love it.

Smile always is his motto

Different colours and versions of Odoru!

Feng Shui Odoru

Odoru (のほほん族) is created by a Japanese toy company called Takara Tomy or simply just Tomy. The most amazing part is Odoru (のほほん族) comes with Feng Shui version too. But its a bit more expensive compared to the normal ones. I am thinking of collecting these cute little buggers. But they are not exactly cheap too. My Odoru (のほほん族) cost RM39.90 some priced at RM 29.90. Amazingly the Feng Shui Odoru (のほほん族 風水タイプ) cost RM 59.90. But no matter what I still love it a lot. Fantastic piece of plastic. Ha Ha... I am definitely gonna go collect it all.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Look

Dear Readers,

I would like to inform all of you that I have recently changed the looks of my blog. Some of the links are still not up yet. But I will be putting them up soon.

Hope you like the new llok for

Sorry for any Inconvenience caused.

Enjoy yourself!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dining Out: Simple Dishes

VOL: 2

Simple design, homey feeling. Who says we need to dine at posh restaurants in order to get good food?Jerald's Dining will prove my point. This restaurant is not over decorated with modern or cool interior design. It is just a small house that the yard or more like car porch that has been turned into a little dining restaurant. Jerald serves both oriental and also western dishes. The menu is simple nice and easy to read.

The whole restaurant is operated by its family members, two sons, a daughter and the parents. The restaurant itself is not very big just a few tables and it gets packed very easily. If you guys think that it comes with air-conditioner, well you can wash that thought away as the restaurant operates with just one ceiling fan. So its pretty humid, if it so happens that if that day is really hot and humid. You can guess that what is it going be like there.

Well, after checking the menu out I decided to settle for the same dish as my sister, the chicken chop with mushroom sauce. My dad and Ah Tek decided to settle for local dishes, Hokkien Noodles. As for the star of the night, my mother because it was her birthday settled for the Kung Pow Chicken with rice. I decided I wanted salad too so I went for the egg salad.

My sister recommended me the milkshake which I settled for Strawberry.

Strawberry milkshake

The food took quite a long time to come and usually salad is suppose to come first as it is the starter my salad came last! So service wise it was not that great at all.

The Chicken Chop was superb, the meat was soft and tender and the sauce was superb. The salad that came with it was good and the french fries goes really well with the mushroom sauce. My strawberry milkshake was just as good as my chicken chop. The Hokkien Noodles looks good but as for the taste I have no idea but from my dad's information it was good also.

Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce

Hokkien Noodles

The Kung Pow chicken came quite late. It was quite good but my mum grumbled that there were no vegetables that comes with it only meat with lots of dry chillies. The Egg Salad that I ordered was good too, the portion to me was a bit small.

Egg Salad

  • Chicken Chop - 9 / 10
  • Egg Salad - 8/ 10
  • Milkshake - 9/ 10
  • Service - 4/10

THE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As I mentioned earlier on that we were celebrating my mum's birthday at J
erald's so here is the coverage on what we have done on that day.

I went for a haircut that day after my tuition class with Sung. But sadly the usual saloon that we visit was full and we had to try out another saloon in BDC called First Saloon. Cutting a hair at D' Saloon cost us around RM 16.00 but that day it cost us RM 25.00 per person because of the hair wash which took a long time, they lady gave us quite a massage, I must say. after that it was off to do some more things.

My hair looks way better than the way D' Saloon's staff styled for me.
Worth every penny

Later around 6 in the evening I had to go over to Secret Recipe to collect the cake I had specially ordered for my mother. I went for the espresso cheese cake. Which was just as good as the other cheese cakes served by secret recipe. It was not really sweet which was just right for my mother. We went for dinner around 7pm and when I brought the cake along with me the other customers keep staring at me again a bunch of kepo-gongs and kepo - mas.

Espresso Cheese Cake.
Written: "To our dearest mother, we love you very much. Happy Birthday!"

Sis and Mum

Sis and Tek

Mum and I

Dad and I

Then we sat down and oreded our food. After the satisfying meal I went and took the cake out, mum was quite shy. She keep asking us not to sing... well in the we didn't sing either, the next thing she said, "put one candle only just one". LOL I guess mum was just too shy to let people know her age. Do not worry mumsy your age is safe with us *winks*

Happy Birthday mum, We love you!

Cake cutting session

There was this couple beside us that kept staring over at out table... they must be drooling over the cake. LOL go get it yourself, its from Secret Recipe.

Overall dinner was great and so was the cake, Dinner thanks to my sister and her boyfriend Ah Tek.

I would also like to thank my friend Sung for lending me his wonder camera.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dining Out : Bella Italia - Italian Cuisine

VOL: 1

There are several good restaurants in Kuching that serves good food in Kuching and also at a reasonable price. On Monday I was craving for a creamy piping hot plate of pasta. Where to go in Kuching for good pastas and pizzas? Not Pizza hut, it is non-other than Bella Italia, a small Italian restaurant located at RH Plaza BDC. It is a bit hard to find Bella Italia as it is hidden behind RH Plaza. It is juts opposite Ming Kiong Garden, where they plant the Sarawak Apples.

Outside Bella Italia

Inside Bella Italia

Il Menu

Bella Italia
serves great pastas and pizza. It is also the one of the restauran
ts in Kuching that you can find a variety of pastas being cooked in different ways. On that fateful day I brought my two of my buddies along with me. In this way they can saviour good pastas and we are able to try out more things.

Cafe Latte

Ice Cappuccino

Ice Chocolate

After having a short battle to decide what I wanted I decided to settle on Linguine alla Marinara, My friends David and Tee Heng had Linguine alla Padrino and Fettucine alla Carbonara respectively.

My Linguine Marinara came first, I thought that it was really good, the sauce was tomato based and chunks of tomatoes can be found, the sauce was thick and taste was great, the pasta was soft and the seafood was pretty fresh, I just felt that the prawns are a wee bit to small. But overall I felt that it was good. Portion wise was fair.

Linguine alla Marinara

Tee Heng's Fettucine Carbonara was good, The sauce was thick and creamy and not too dry, the mushroom and bacon were well cooked. The pasta blended well with the sauce. The sauce tasted creamy but at the same time the aroma of the bacon and mushroom was downright mouthwatering.

Fettucine alla carbonara

David's Linguine Padrino was not bad. The sauce was definitely different from ours. But seems like the portion was not enough for him. The sauce is transparent and it is cooked together with smoked salmon, garlic, black olives and fresh chilli. I thought that it was good too.

Linguine alla Padrino

Since David (nicknamed the bottomless pit or Dapig) felt that the pasta was just not enough he settled for another pizza. But I cannot remember the name of the pizza though. The pizza unlike the pizza in pizza hut was thin but very crispy. The pizza was just as good as the pastas we had. The crust of the pizza was crispy and cheese melts in your mouth.


I decided to try out the dessert, I have been dying to try out the tiramisu. So upon finding out the tiramisu was available on that day, I ordered a piece. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made from espresson coffee, ladyfinger cookies as base, mascarpone, cheese, eggs, cream, sugar, Marsala wine, cocoa, and rum. It was delicious, as the you put it into your mouth it actually melts inside your mouth, its sweet and there is the taste of rum and wine which perks up your taste bud, leaving behind this feeling of satisfaction in your mouth. I have checked wikipedia for the meaning of tiramisu, and tiramisu in italian means "Pick-me-up"and metaphorically, "make me happy", but it could have a more sexual meaning to it (Hmmm....seductive or horny dessert ).


Overall, highly recommend Bella Italia to all of you who wishes to try out good pastas and pizza in Kuching. Service wise from staffs was good and the food is great.

Map to Bella Italia (Not to be scaled)
Linguine alla Marinara - 9.5/10

Fettucina Alla Carbonara - 9.5/10
Liguine Alla Padrino - 8/10
Caffe Latte - 6/10
Ice Chocolate drink - 5/10
Ice Cappuccino - 6/10
Pizza - 8/10
Tiramisu - 9.5/10
Service - 8.5/10