Tuesday, March 27, 2007

American Idol Season 6 - TOP 10

I have been keeping up with American Idol Season 6 for quite some time now. But I must say I don't keep up that frequently. But nevertheless I am quite familiar with all the contestants. As each week passes by the competition get tougher and tougher. It gets me more excited.

10 contestants are left to compete with each other this week. It is pretty hard to predict who is going out this week because I have not seen their performance yet. But until now I think those who are vulnerable would be Phil Stacey and Sanjaya Malakar. Sanjaya really should thank his lucky star for there were so many times when he was nearly voted out from the competition but his lucky stars saved him.

American Idol logo and photos of the contestants are taken from americanidol.com

My bet for this season's Idol would be Melinda Dolittle. Other possibilities could be Lakisha or even Jordin. As for the guys the best would be Chris R., Chris S. and Blake but so far if I am to vote for the guys only I will place my vote for Chris R. I think he is pretty good.

But to sum it all up I would say the my favourite would me Miss Dolittle. I think she has great potential, Strong vocal, good personality. She is so sweet.

It was sad last week to see Stephanie Edwards being voted out I thought she was not bad too. But then again majority votes will win.

So who do you think this week will be voted out from American Idol?

And Who do you think will be this Season's American Idol? My bet is on Melinda Dolittle. Take a vote =D

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rainforest World Music Festival 2007

Again another new year and soon in the month of July the Rain Forest World Music Festival (RWMF) will blast off again at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak.

This year RWMF is celebrating its 10 anniversary (1997-2007). So
there are some promises that this year's event will be a bit different. In any case you do not know what RWMF is about, here is a brief explanation on what RWMF is about. The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interior of mythical Borneo.

By the way, renowned musicians here doesn't mean Justin Timberlake, Norah Jones, Celine Dion all these. Basically they are musicians, but good musicians that is mostly bringing the country's indigenous music here and perform here.

This year the festival will start on the 13th of July to the 15th of July which will fall on Friday (13th) until Sunday (15th) which will be the finale.

I am planning to buy the ticket for the last day. But when I checked the website the tickets will cost MYR80.00!!!! crap that is expensive and 80 bucks is only for a one
day pass ticket to get a full 3 days pass it will cost MYR200...fuck... I will have to reconsider, furthermore I am not sure when will my holidays be.

Its a hard decision though, cause there are a few groups that I want to watch, one of them is a Vietnamese group called Khac Chi which is performed by a Husband and Wife. Another group I would like to see would be the DogHouse Skiffle Group from UK.

Khac Chi

Doghouse Skiffle
* All images of the performing groups are taken from RWMF website

Sighs... this is a hard decision and there is no guarantee when I purchased the ticket for the Sunday show I will be able to see these groups that I mentioned. bleh...... >.<"

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beautiful Liar

What happens when you bring two hot ladies into a video and they are just doing their thing? The Answer is simple...it is just sensational!

I never really fancied Beyonce's music. But this one just broke the spell. I totally love this song, and the lyric is quite good too.

(Ay) Beyonce, Beyonce
(Ay) Shakira, Shakira
Both such hot girls
come and just fulfill my world.....

I thought the video for this song was good. At some parts of the video it was hard for me to diffrentiate between Beyonce and Shakira. They looked like twins!!! but one thing is for sure they are both very gorgeous ladies. I like Shakira a lot in one part of the video where her hair was straighten and she was wearing this tight looking dress... just HOT!

Here's the lyric for the song:-
Artist : Beyonce feat. Shakira
Song : Beautiful Liar

(Ay)Nobody likes to be played
Oh, Beyonce Beyonce
Oh, Shakira, Shakira

He said, I'm worth it, his one desire
I know things about him that you wouldn¡¯t wanna read about
He kissed me, his one and only
(This) Beautiful Liar
Tell me how you tolerate the things you just found out about

You¡¯ll never know
Why are we the ones who suffer
Have to let go
He Won¡¯t be the one to cry

(Ay)Let's not kill the Karma
(Ay)Let's not start a fight
(Ay)It's not worth the drama
For a Beautiful Liar
(Oh)Can¡¯t we laugh about it (hahaha)
(Oh)It¡¯s not worth our time
(Oh)We can live without him
Just a Beautiful Liar

I just trusted him
But when I followed you
I saw you together
I didn¡¯t know about you then 'till I saw you with him again
I walked in on your love scene
Slow Dancing
You stole everything how could you say I did you wrong

We never know
When the pain and heartbreaks over
Have to let go
The innocence is gone

(Ay)Let's not kill the Karma
(Ay)Let's not start a fight
(Ay)It's not worth the drama
For a Beautiful Liar
(Oh)Can¡¯t we laugh about it (hahaha)
(Oh)It¡¯s not worth our time
(Oh)We can live without him
Just a Beautiful Liar

Tell me how to forgive you
When it¡¯s me who¡¯s ashamed
And I wish I could free you
of the hurt and the pain
but the answer is simple
he's the one to blame

Ay, Beyonce, Beyonce
Ay, Shakira, Shakira
Oh, Beyonce, Beyonce
Oh, Shakira, Shakira

(Ay)Let's not kill the Karma
(Ay)Let's not start a fight
(Ay)It's not worth the drama
For a Beautiful Liar
(Oh)Can¡¯t we laugh about it (hahaha)
(Oh)It¡¯s not worth our time
(Oh)We can live without him
Just a Beautiful Liar

Sony Music Entertainment (M) Sdn Bhd

Here is the Video for "Beautiful Liar". You can do the judging are they hot or what. The only part I don't get about this video is at the last part of the Video why were they "Humming" the wall? O-o
They should bang me (in my dreams haha) =D... enjoy the video.

Pssst.... Look at Beyonce's boobs shaking in during the ending *ahemz* ;-)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lui Cha

Today was my first attempt eating Lui Cha. In case if you don't what Lui Cha is, I'll explain it to you. Lui Cha is a Hakka dish, Hakka is a sub group of the Han-Chinese. These people lives predominantly in the provinces of Guangdong, Jiangxi and Fujian in China. Lui Cha is basically made up from just vegetables so there is no meat in it and it is considered to be a healthy food.

Lui Cha anyone?

Lui Cha is served with rice, long beans, spring onions, minced beancurd and pickled radish, all these are served together inside a bowl. They will give you another bowl of soup separately. Now the soup is greenish in colour because the herbs and tea leaves are being blended together and the soup tastes bitter. So is not really what I would call a good food.

I practically had to force each mouthful of bitter liquid and vege into my mouth. I got so sick of it I felt like puking but I controlled and force it in. No offense but to some of you out there it may taste nice. As I said before the soup tasted bitter and with a minty taste to it too. So I felt like I was eating toothpaste. I forgot to mention you have to mix the soup with the bowl of veges.

Lui Cha is not that bad but it is just not my cup of tea. I would have it once in a while but not frequently. But my mum kept on telling me I have to acquire the taste and needs to try it out a few more times....

Well maybe next month.....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Stir-Fried Kimchi Noodles

I always fancied Korean food. So far I like Kimchi Noodles a lot. It is not hard to make Kimchi Noodles. Why? Well you can buy the instant version in Supermarkets these days. I bought mine in Choice Daily, one of my favourite supermarkets becauseyou can find a lot of imported goods there and you can find a lot of stuffs there.

One of my favourite brand would be PALDO, they offer different Korean noodles with different flavours. I decided to try out the stir-fried Kimchi Noodles.

Paldo stir-fried kimchi noodles

The packet of Kimchi

The stir-fried Kimchi noodle comes with a packet of stir-fried kimchi and a packet of soup-base powder. To cook the Kimchi noodle is very easy all you have to do is follow a few basic steps.

Step 1: Boil 2-4 cups of water in a small/medium size pot

Step 2: Add in the soup-base powder and stir.

Step 3: Add in the noodles

Step 4: After 1-2 Minutes add in an egg to enhance the flavour/taste (Depends on individual, not neccessary to add in egg)

Step 4: Cover the pot for another 2 minutes and then turn off the gas.

This is what the stir-fried kimchi looks like.

Step 5: Pour the noodles into a bowl.

Ready to serve!! You can serve the stir-fried kimchi seperately with the noodles

Or serve it together with the noodles.

The noodles tasted wonderful, I mixed the stir-fried kimchi together with the noodles and it tasted great. The stir-fried kimchi tasted some what like the chinese preserved or salted vegetable/cabbage.

The Stir-fried Kimchi....which tasted like Chinese Salted vege

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sayonara to Mr. Nice Guy

I have learned that in life, it doesn't pay to be a kind and good sometimes. So as from today onwards I am going to treat people nicely if they do the same to be. I'll be an asshole if they gonna be assholes. Who cares bout what they think... I mean hello sometimes in this harsh reality one has to be selfish.

Why I don't want to play Mr. Nice guy anymore? its simple. I was kind enough to advise a friend about a change to time for our micro tutorial class for this week. He was absent for the second lecture and it was during the lecture our micro lecturer asked us about whether could we attend the Thursday's tutorial class. Naturally most of us...well all of us did not have any clashes and agreed to attend it.

When I told him about the changed of time for this week's tute he said he can't make it and I asked him are there any clashes for that time. He gave me some weird answer. I got fed up and told him, if you have nay clashes or what so ever it is none of my business so you go and tell or explained to the lecturer... suddenly his msn status went offline... hmmmm... weird it was not even 11pm yet and never came online again... I had a hunch I was being blocked by him.

So I asked his housemate, did he went out or something? Then the housemate said no...why? he is in his room... he is online now too, can't you see him online? I said no in my msn list he is offline... so it is clear from here that I am being block.

I mean this is great so now I know I am just being a busybody... So from today onwards I am not going to help him I am going to mind my own business. I felt very insulted and hurt when I got blocked... at least I know an ass he is...

So can anyone advice me... what should I do? Should I act like nothing has happened?? Or should I bloody forgive him...or ignore him?? Advice please....

The moral of this story: TO MIND MY OWN FUCKING BUSINESS....

Monday, March 05, 2007

Chinese Traditions: The Lion Dance

The Lion dance is one of the many Chinese traditions that you can find in the Chinese culture. Over the centuries little has changed in this traditional Chinese dance.

The definition of lion dance from wikipedia

Lion dance (Simplified Chinese: 舞狮; Traditional Chinese: 舞獅; pinyin: wǔshī) is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture, in which performers mimic a lion's movements in a lion costume.

The lion costume may be operated by a single dancer, or more frequently by a pair of dancers. The single dancer springs about while energetically moving and shaking the head and operating the jaws and eyes. The pair of dancers, forming the back and fore legs of the beast, mimic the motions of a single animal as they move between platforms of varying elevations. The dance is traditionally accompanied by gongs, drums and firecrackers, representing the descent of good luck.

The History

The lion dance originated in China close to a thousand years ago. The lion is traditionally regarded as a guardian creature. It is featured in Buddhist lore, being the mount of Manjusri. There are different variations of the lion dance in other Asian cultures including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, with each region possessing their own styles.

Chinese lion dances can be broadly categorised into two styles, Northern (北獅) and Southern (南獅).

Northern dance was used as entertainment for the imperial court. The northern lion is usually red, orange, and yellow (sometimes with green fur for the female lion), shaggy in appearance, with a golden head. The northern dance is acrobatic and is mainly performed as entertainment.

Southern dance is more symbolic. It is usually performed as a ceremony to exorcise evil spirits and to summon luck and fortune. The southern lion exhibits a wide variety of colour and has a distinctive head with large eyes, a mirror on the forehead, and a single horn at center of the head.

The Lion dance is often confused with the Chinese Dragon Dance, which features a team of around ten or more dancers. The Lion Dance usually consists of two people.

I still remember when I was a little kid, I loved watching the lion dance. If we pass through a house and there is a lion dance performance going on in the house, I would ask my dad to stop the car and I will watch the dance with awe. My mum re-called that there was once when I was still a kid no more than 10 years old I guess... I would nag my parents to buy me those small lion... and I am quite a demanding kid too. They wanted to get me the kiddy type I guess and I answered them.

Little Edwin : I don't want this one, I want the eyes can snip snip one....
Mum : eyes can snip snip?

Little Edwin : Neh the eyes can snip snip one... this one the eye cannot snip snip one.
Mum : (Finally she gets what I meant)... oh it is the ey
es can blink not snip.
Little Edwin : oh...I want that one...the eye can blink blink one...

or this could be my answer.

Mum : (Finally she gets what I meant)... oh it is the eyes can blink not snip snip.
Little Edwin : .......................

My dad also got me a tape where it plays the drums, gongs, cym
bals together and I would take my lion head and dance around as if I am a pro... (bleh >.<") come to think of it, very embarrassing... ha ha. Not only that when relatives who comes and visit our house I would put the tape and dance for them... I would follow what the professionals do. But when they ask me to join the real thing I would run and hide...cause I felt shy.... gosh... do I even have this 2 words "shy and embarrass" in my dictionary when I was a kid. But I outgrew all this soon. Never the less, I still like to watch people performing the lion dance. But I don't stop the car on purpose just to see it. Unless they are beautiful girls... LOL.... sheesh.... I am getting more perverted each day.

Well here are some photos that I have taken this Chinese New Year. So enjoy.... oh ya not forgetting the video.

The performers

Fooling with the photos....

**lefr... should be the word Left... sorry typo

The Video

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Virus attack!!

NOOOO!! to think that I have just reformated my computer a few days ago.... and today the virus scanner tells me that it has found virus in my com again!

Well actually the other day I just reformated my C drive only not my entire computer... but that is bad enough. I assumed that since my D drive is my storage area there won't be any virus attacked there... tsk tsk...how naive can I get... in the end D drive was the worst affected so now here I am sitting getting ready to clean my computer again... this is going to be another long night... =(

The weather is being kind to me too... strong wind and torrential rain....

blek.....>.<" last reading 268 threats!!! all healed successfully... but why take the chances =)

*Ahemz...* Due to the recent reformated pc I have yet to install my photoshop. So these images are generated by paint =)