Thursday, July 26, 2007

Delicious Breakfast and Lunch

Ok enough of the rantings. Time for happy posts...FOOD!

A Tuesday morning, rainy and cold. Woke up early send mum to work and got back home and rushed to the airport. To catch a flight to some other place to have breakfast and lunch? errr... I am no Donald Trump or Bill Gates, can't afford to do that. LOL. Well the reason I went to the airport so early was to see Brenda off. She is going off to Nanyang Technology University (NTU) in Singapore. Really sad to see another friend go off. Which reminds me Greg went off today to KL to continue his studies... sighs... sad.... every time when I am at the airport it is a sad situation as I am always there to send someone off.

After sending Brenda off. We were all very hungry, so its time for breakfast... after a some what long decision. We decided to go to Kaya and Toast at 3rd Mile. Kaya & Toast is one of the few places that serves great toasts. They offer variety of toasts that you will give a hard time to decide what do you want.

The Menu

I think it was a great idea for them to come out with the set menu. It makes decision making much more easier for the customers. If in any case customers feel that the set meal is not enough they can always add on by ordering other toasts from the main menu. As for the set menu, you have a choice of choosing coffee or tea. Well I chose Set C and my choice for my drink was coffee, what can I say I love coffee, LOL. Another thing is that if you wish to change your drinks instead of having coffee or tea for the set menu you will have to add in another RM0.50.

The set menu comes with 3 choices

As I have said, I decided to choose Set C which is toast with ham and cheese and a bowl of half-boiled eggs. My choice of drink was coffee. I then added another french toast into my menu. I thought the ham and cheese toast was not that bad. Coffee was ok, not to diluted like in some places these days. I love the half-boiled eggs which taste great with dark soya sauce and pepper. The french toast was good, but they should offer a choice of kaya or creamer with the french toast. Currently the french toast comes with kaya only.

My Set C menu, Coffee, Toast with cheese and ham, and half-boiled eggs *smacks*

Overall Kaya & Toast is a great place to go and have breakfast or tea. The toast are good, but compared to the coffee shops it can be a wee bit more expensive but its worth it.

Kaya & Toast has a few branches one is at Central park a.k.a 3rd Mile another one at Petanak and the newest branch is located at Tabuan Jaya same row with Siang Siang.

After a few hours....

After a few hours its time for lunch. Its time for Korean. I have not been having Korean food for quite sometime. So we decided to go to Seoul Garden and again it is situated in 3rd mile not very far off from Kaya and Toast


The last time I had a Korean meal was with Florence and Koh Ping in Dae Jom BBQ house at Jalan Song. I have not been there for a long time.

Seoul Garden is one of the Korean restaurants that serves authentic Korean dishes. It is not that bad. They have a good menu with a wide variety of choices for their customers to choose. Now they even offer set menu.

The owner of Seoul Garden are Koreans, pioneered by both husband and wife. The husband is very friendly. He recommended me the Dolsot-Bimbimbab, which is a hot bowl, inside it is rice. egg, bean sprouts,shredded cucumbers, minced meat, crab meat, Chinese mushrooms. Then you will pour chilli paste into the rice and stir it. Because the bowl is made of stone and it was left on the fire to heat it up it was so hot that the egg actually cooked in that bowl once the mixing is done.


DOLSOT-BIMBIMBAB After mixing with chilli paste

Another dish that I really wanted to try was "Jjang Myun" to translate it is Soya Sauce noodles. It is different from the Chinese version. The Korean version is served with potatoes cabbages. and the sauce comes with dark soya sauce and also prawn paste. Finally on that day I saw it. I was so thrilled that without a second thought I ordered it. It comes in two version one with separate sauce and another with the sauce. I chose the later.

Jjang Myun

Chang Ting seems overjoyed when she saw the Jjang myun

Other dishes we had that day was, Kimchi-chigae Chye Lin's choice, Beef stew Chang Ting's choice, Jjang Rice Greg and Wei ta's choice, Hot plate beef Morgan's choice. There was also Korean sushi which I can't remember the name and also Kimchi Dumpling.

Stewed Beef

Kimchi Chigae

Rice that comes together with the Kimchi-Chigae and Stewed Beef

Side dishes (top to bottom) vege, Kimchi and Bean sprouts

Kimchi Dumplings

I love this soup. Its seaweed soup *Smacks*

Jjang rice

I love the Korean dining sets. Ha Ha..

Chye Lin busy with her Kimchi

Another thing about that day was that I was truly fascinated with the quote on Wei Ta's shirt. Which I could not resist but to take a photo of it.

Wei Ta's shirt which fascinated me with the quotes

Map to Seoul Garden (NOT TO BE SCALED)

If you are thinking of having Korean food in Kuching, I do highly recommend you to consider Seoul Garden. I have drawn a rough map on how to get there but note that the map is not fit for scaling. I would definitely go back to Seoul Garden if I am thinking of Korean food again.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Why have I tried so hard but I still failed?
Why are you never satisfied with what I have achieved?
Why must you always compare me with others?
Why am I never good enough to you?
Why are you so hard to satisfy?
Why is it that everything you talk about is about money?
Why can't I be who you wanted me to be?
Why am I such a loser?
Why can't I pass my FIS paper?
Why am I in this family?
Why am I born into this world?
Why do I hate him so much?
Why can't I forgive him?
Why is it that whenever I see him hatred rises?
Why I am always mad at him?
Why is Accounting such a tedious course?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Results are out....

I have waited for hours and hours, finally my results are out! How was my results? Well for starter I passed both my Law in Global Business and also my Microeconomics. BUT I failed my Financial Information System again... This is bad... I am not sure that I can resit for the paper or not. Or do I have to repeat the subject.

If I have to repeat the sub I have some serious thinking to do. Should I stay in accounting or should I just switch my course to another major. Maybe I am just not cut out for accounting. Maybe I should think that I am cut out for accounting. Should I carry on accounting?

So far this is how my results look like:

HBC 220 N
HBE 110 P
HBL 111 C

In Swinburne N stands for NOT PASS, P for PASS and C for CREDIT. Well I really need to think hard now. This is hard, I am worried for my friend David now, for his results ain't very good. The other think that I am thinking now is what the counsellor told me. Will Swinburne let me continue in this course.


Judgement Day Arrives...

Alas, the day I feared most has arrived. Today is my 'judgement day'. What 'judgement day' are you thinking? Well let me fill you guys in. Today is the day the my final examination's results is coming out. I dreaded for this day to arrive. Now it is here. I am as nervous as hell now. I really really hope that I can pass all my subjects. Just a pass that is all want and nothing more than that.

This is my second and last chance my mom is giving me for passing this Accounting course that I am taking. If I fail one subject that is the end of the line. I am not studying any more. This is hell man. I really really hope I can pass man....

I have been praying and praying in hopes that the Lord will answer my prayer and let me pass. I truly hope tomorrow my prayer will be answered.

Ready or not in maybe 8 hours or so I will know what is the result and my future.

Artwork from: Duncan Long

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Always Interesting

I think I have just lost my social life. I have been extremely busy until I do not have anytime to update this dear blog of mine. To all the readers out there, please accept my sincere apologies for the sudden disappearance. These few weeks I have done nothing but going to the junk and work and then come back home prepare exam paper for my primary students and then at the same time helping my sister out with her assignment. Other than that, sending my mum to work, picking her from work and repaired my car because the stupid central locking went nuts, it was making this nasty sound which can be clearly heard even if you are a few meters away.

So I have been meaning to post this up for weeks, but I did not get the chance to do so. Well since I have the chance now, I am going to share this really freaky incident with all you.

The day was Saturday 07-07-07, to some it is an auspicious day because of the number, and to some it is just another normal day, to some it is a really unlucky day. To me, it is one heck of an interesting day. During my morning tuition class, my old pal Sung text messaged me and asked me if I were free and do I want to join him to go to Saberkas, well since I have nothing to do of course I agreed. Seems like he is planning to get a new camera, his old camera is…well crap is all I can, cause there is no cable, no box, charger what so ever that should come with a camera. Furthermore the reason why he wanted a new camera was because he will be flying off to Calgary, Canada. (Envy! Envy! I wanna go too! >.<)

Sung's lunch...pork rib rice

my lunch...chef's special fried noodles

After lunch off for a haircut

We went to this camera retailer at ground floor, and we spend quite sometime inside the shop, choosing the camera and at the same time listening to a bunch of craps by the salesman. YES! Bunch of craps by him because in the end he could not make up his mind about the importance of mega pixels for a camera. Why? Well at first he introduce my friend this Casio camera and said that it has lots of functions and it is 10 mp and it is a bargain for there is a free gift. A watch that will cost RM 300.00. But Sung decided not to settle for the Casio, his sharp eye caught the side of a Sony, so he asked the salesman about it and tested it. But it was still not very good and it’s too pricey. Suddenly, another camera caught his eye. This time it is a canon. The price is good, and it is a trustworthy brand, especially for cameras. I also thought that this is a good camera. It is equipped with image stabilizer software. Function wise, not bad too a lot to choose from. It is user friendly. It is 7.1mp, 3x optical zoom and a lot more which I can’t remember.

Grrrr... I hate the person who styled my hair... very un-stylish!

But overall I thought the cam was a pretty good bargain. It comes with a free 1 GB memory card, free leather pouch, umbrella and many more goodies. Tempting huh? Well I got tempted by it…sighs… now I have a new aim, that is to get hold of that cam, that is why I am slogging away so that I can get hold of that camera as soon as possible. Hope I am able to reach that goal soon. Thanks Sung, for enticing me to get a cam. (=. =)

Smoke...hmmm...someone having a BBQ?

Traffic jam...GAH!

But what was the most interesting thing that happened that day was when we witness a Hyundai Showroom on fire and also to witness the competency of Kuching’s firemen. Yes they were late! Because we found out that after 5 to 10 minutes while stuck in the traffic jam, suddenly the fire truck popped out from behind. By the time they reached the scene, the fire was pretty bad. The 3rd floor was completely burnt.

The usual... late......

Managed to squeeze in front

More smoke

I see flames!


shit! that is bad

The fire was so bad, that when Sung scrolled down his window we can feel the heat of the fire. One thing puzzles me though, with such intense heat why were there still people standing so near it. Well, I guess these people are non-other than the kepo-gongs (busybodies). The traffic jam was partly caused by these people who parked their vehicles at one side of the road and walked over the other side just to see the building being engulfed in flames.

Kepo gongs

It was a sad sight though; I truly pity the owner of the shop. Hope he can claim the insurance and fixed his shop up soon. So 07-07-07 is definitely not an auspicious day for him. And yes, another interesting day with Sung. I hope to see you back in Kuching soon dude. Cheers!

Friday, July 06, 2007

5ive Complaintz... Life is full of complaints...ha ha

Life is full of complaints =D

Okay I was tagged by samgoh, so here you go my five complaintsssss:-
  1. When the heck is my salary coming out! It is already 6th June 2007 and my salary is not out yet! hopefully by this Saturday it will be out!
  2. I need more cash, Sighs... each month I find myself cash strapped! I need more cash...anyone knows a better paying part-time job whereby they pay you ON-TIME?
  3. I hope I can pass my finals! Shitty man, my finals was not exactly easy, I hope I can pass this time or else that is the end of me in Swinburne.
  4. Where did my lecturer go? Okay why am I blogging now? and where am I now? I am in Swinburne stuck can't find my lec? where did she go? must be lunching now... =.=" (Miss don't lunch for so long lar)
  5. Need more exercise, Ed... you are plain lazy... you need to get more exercise you look so flabby and full of lard!
Actually there will be more than just five complaintsssss... haha I have more to that!

Who am I gonna tag? Hmmm...

ah Yieng

This post will not have any Chinese version, due to the fact that I am in Swinburne and there is no Chinese Language for me to use here. So very sorry. 抱歉

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