Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Answers to my test

Hmmm... Its a bit late and long enough to post the answers for my test. But anyway here's the asnwers.

Question 1
When am I born?
ANS: (A) 28 November 1985

Question 2
What do I love most?
ANS: (A) Commercial Airplanes

Question 3
What is my all time favourite food?
ANS: (C) Kolo Mee

Question 4
Which is my favourite car/s?
ANS: (D) BMW 5 series and Toyota Camry

Question 5
Which is my favourite Malaysian made car?
ANS: (D) Myvi

Question 6
What do I want in a friend?
ANS: (A) Understanding, sincere and loyal

Question 7
What is my current status?
ANS: (A) Single

Question 8
What is my major?
ANS: (C) Bachelor of Business (ACC)

Question 9
Who is my all time favourite singer?
ANS: (A) Celine Dion

Question 10
I am from....
ANS: (A) Kuching <<< Of course la this such an obvious answer... LOL

These are the answers. Cheers....

Some more post coming up soon. That is as son as I am a bit more free...


Angel Valerie said...

Q1 - 28 is a good number, right? haha. why im not born on the 28th? not fair. so many friends were born on the 28th :(

Q2 - pig told me about ur love for airplanes. unique is all i can say.

Q3 - kolok mee... we're in the same gang. prefer kolok mee to sibu's famous kampua. but i thought u love pastas?

Q4 - here... same gang also but i like Toyota Camry more than BMW. hehe. i wanna own a Camry one day.

Q5 - haha... Myvi is nice, right? my only comment would be the engine is at least more powerful than my old Civic back here. haha. feeling so 'song' when driving it at Kuching that time.

Q6 - same thought :P

Q7 - :) hehe...

Q8 - though course u're studying but dont worry, u'll be able to be the best out of the best with God's blessings.

Q9 - same gang again... cheers!

Q10 - Cat City rocks!

eh, i didnt tell u that i love to flood and spam, right? haha...

no la... it's joke.

p/s - u're laughing now, right? yeah, yeah)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... cause u wanted to come out to this world faster lol.

YEs I love airplanes a lot liek a lot


Love em both if possible want to own both of em if I have the money might get a camry first then BMW lol.

Of all the Malaysian made cars I would go for Myvi its a nice car. Interior not bad. sad part is the acceleration at the beginning is a bit slow.

Thank you for your blessings hehe...

cat city my hometown my fav city for the moment. =P

Aiyo... your comments are greatly appreciated here so spam as much as you want ok. LOL