Monday, May 21, 2007

Siar Beach Escapade

This post is definitely late. But I had no choice as I had no time to edit the photos. But here it is a report trip on Siar Beach Lundu.

Lundu is a small town about an hour or two drive from Kuching City. Add another 15 minutes drive will be Siar Beach. Siar Beach is a nice place to relax, along the beach there are a few small resorts which provides you with comfortable accommodation. One of the main resort and the one we stayed in was Siar Beach Resort. A small comfy resort run by Uncle John. There is this new resort there called Retreat @ Siar. This is a more modern resort equipped with a swimming pool and other facilities. Frankly I don't mind trying out that resort. It looks neat.

Big stinky jelly fish

How it looks like in the water...yeap its pretty dead

But for this trip I felt disappointed when I saw the beach. The beach doesn't seem to be that clean as before. Earlier trips that I had made the water was clear but this time the water was murky and I can see plastic bags floating around on the beaches. Another thing I found in this trip was it seems that jelly fish season was just over as you take a good look around the beach area you will find or actually thought that you are in a jelly-fish graveyard. Seriously ever few steps you will find the remains of a jelly fish and they are not like those adorable jelly fish, these are huge jelly fish. After settling our stuff in our room we Joe and I went shell collecting but the sad thing was we actually found a lot of crushed shells rather than nice whole shell. The shell was either broken at the "arse" area or there is a chipped somewhere. But I did find a really nice shell that looks like the Tze beads that people use to make into bracelets. That was the only whole nice shell and beautiful shell I managed to find, sad huh?

partially eaten the crabs!

Later on, a stroll along the beach was peaceful as the view of the scenery is beautiful, a few snapshots from my camera showed some interesting stuffs which was taken together with the scenery.

My little boat! buahahaha

The stream and swamp forest

After a stroll our tummies started to call out...and it was raining a little too. But nothing can stop us from our planned barbecue. So Mr. Ong was the one in charge of igniting the flames for the barbecue. Charcoals set...flames up and Mr. Ong is proudly fanning the flames so that the charcoal would be ready soon.

Next all the food are set out orderly to be barbecued. There are chicken franks, chicken wings, pork, buns, fried rice and a lot more. I was really hungry to I took some of the fried rice first. I soon learned that the fried rice tasted better with soya sauce and chilli padi, I also learned not to be greedy for I added to much chilli padi into my fried rice and ended up stuffing the whole plain bun into my mouth and I don't know how many cups of water did I drank, Just to cool off my poor tongue. But it was good and was happy with it. I enjoyed to food a lot. Especially the pork it was delicious. and we made pork burger which tasted even better.

Loved the food man!

After filling up my tummy I took my torchlight and decided to go for a stroll at the beach. It was pretty dark and spooky I don't know what exactly is lurking out there in the dark...but I was brave enough to venture out. As the tide has gone down, the beach became bigger and the sea was really far off. So it was a good time to stroll around looking into small little pools and with shrimps and small fish trap inside it. The small stream if not mistaken is called Bayor is not far off from the beach area as it curves out towards the sea. As the tide has gone down the stream became shallow. I decided to take my net and go fish hunting.

Joe joined me for the fish hunting trip. Well... we ended up catching shrimps rather than fishes as we cannot find any fish that was dumb enough to let us get close to it. But we did find out something that is far more interesting that is buried underneath the sands and of course you need to be observant and sharp eyed to spot these shrimps hiding in there. Our shrimp fishing expedition was quite a success as we caught a lot of it including two small crabs. We brought the shrimps back and put it inside a bucket... sad to say some of the shrimps got smart and wanted to escape... well guess where did they ended up at?

Yes! in my tummy! Oops not only mine but Joe's and Ah Di's too. Hey! don;'t get the wrong idea we didn't kill these shrimps they sort off jumped out and died while we were having another stroll on the beach and when we came back we found them on the floor. So we washed it and off it goes to the barbecue pit. Hey why waste fresh seafood? ;-)

Delicious fresh shrimps! yummy! XD

After the stroll and the shrimp feasting a quick shower and we played cards. Soon everyone becomes sleepy and we all went to bed but it was like 2 or 3 am in the morning but who cares we had fun.

I was the very first person to wake up the nest morning and praise the Lord I was still in time to see the beautiful sunrise. Again the it was low tide so it allowed me to stroll down the beach to find a nice comfy spot to take some photos of the sunrise. Then at the same time took a few random photos. I decided to stroll further down to where the villagers, I assume that they are from the villagers, the rows and rows of fishing nets and thus I found the graveyard for the sea creatures...mainly the fish, jelly fish and crabs. But there were more dead fish there with one that was half alive though I tried to save it..gave it way am I giving a fish CPR even the lips of that fish looks the end it still went back to God.

God's creation is so beautiful

Love the mountain scenery... that is Matang mountain

The rows of fish net used to trapped small fish during high tide

The lips may look kissable but sorry I don't do CPR with fish ok

Next, Joe and I again went fishing this time and we caught a lot of fish. adorable ones and quite big ones too. The best part was when I caught a baby grouper... it is such a cute lil thing! I decided to bring a few of the fish back home to rear including the baby grouper... sadly all of them didn't make it as the water soon got pollute. *Sighs*

Later on everyone woke up. Chai Cing, Joe, my sis and I decided to take some photos a long the beach. We started to do some crazy expressions and actions and the results was astounding. From the photos I finally understand that I am quite a cam whore and a potential clown... and also a horny bastard...

Monkey Ed!

I am Strong... see I pulled the big tree branch down!

But alas, all good things had to come to an end. Soon we had to pack our belongings and check out from the resort and begin another hour long journey back to Kuching. But over all I had a lot of fun. If you want to relax and have fun, Siar beach is definitely one of the place that you should consider.

The only disappointment I had for this trip was that I notice that Siar Beach is no longer as clean as before. It is polluted by inconsiderate people who has been visiting there. Furthermore construction wastes are being selfishly dumped along the beach area, bricks and broken ceramic tiles can be found along the beach. Another thing I notice is that there is this stretch along the beach which is filled with sticky icky mud. The texture of the mud is slimy, gawky and sticky. I hope the resorts' management will clear the beach area for the safety of their customers and visitors.


Yong Tiong Yieng said...

wah...u look like so enjoy funny la ur picture haha.....

Anonymous said...

Yeap it was a fun trip... LOL i know looked so stupid inside those pics.... don laugh until fall down on the floor o

Angel Valerie said...


u didnt bring us there... so sad.

btw, i want those pictures taken with ur camera.

Dwinz said...

In such a short time how can I bring you guys there? Next trip k?

The scenery parts are taken with my camera but as for the photos of me doing those crazy actions are from my sister's camera and also the bbq shrimps. hehehe...why?

Angel Valerie said...

haha... next trip (wonder when will it be).

bcoz u ate those kesian shrimps. how can u? i want the pic of the jellyfish and the shrimps. hehe...

now, that reminds me of our trip to Matang and Rambungan. i want those pics as well.

pretty please?

Dwinz said...

aiyo come back to Kuching la. Then can go lo.

They are delicious XD...fresh seafood.

Oh you did not have it? ok I'll send it to you. You want the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

Hey, really liked your blog! it's really funnee!!! N okay, now i know how you would propose... N at least you did the kneeling part as well... Sigh... i wish mine wos half as gud as that...

love you! Keep it Up Dee!!!

kelly JJ.

Angel Valerie said...

why u didnt cook n eat the jellyfish too? i thought ppl eat jellyfish as well? haha...

yes, yes, i want the whole thing. hehe... and thanks in advance. u're so nice, nice, nice!

sigh, i wonder also when will the trip be but i do know i'll be dropping by Kuching for few days before CNY and that's next year. muahaha... still a long way to go.

Dwinz said...

Thanks kelly JJ do come and support my blog more often ok... hehee

Angel: Don't think the jellyfish is edible though... plus i don want to touch it. Who knows it still stings even if it is dead LOL...

OK I'll send you the whole file. No need to flatter me I know I am nice. Buahahahaha...
Hey just another 8 months to go... not very far away LOL... time flies by fast. Hiaks

Anonymous said...

dwinz why you so naughty ah.. later fall down don call mama ah..haha...
at that you got cook the jelly fish or not?the fresh jelly fish mush be nice in taste oh..hehehe

Angel Valerie said...

i know im good at flattering ppl. muahaha... u dont mention it la, i'll be so embarassed.

low profile, remember?


miss home already.

8 months - this duration is really too long to bear... plus, u might not even be around at that time too. so sad.

Dwinz said...

william: Dun worry I won't fall down de. LOL... I am a pro ok LOL. And the jelly fish is stinky la I won't want to eat it. LOL

Angel: you jus did... LOL.... aiyo since when do you keep a low profile LOL...

8 months will fly away very fast one... don worry. =D