Sunday, June 08, 2008

Everything is going up....

As we read the news today, crude oil prices are rising. This has cause some chaos throughout the world.

Malaysia is no different. Recently, our beloved prime minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi has announce in a 0.78 hike in petrol prices bringing the price from RM1.92 to RM2.78 per liter. Diesel prices rised frin RM1.58 to RM 2.58 per liter (RM1.00 rise). This petrol price hike will definitely have severe impact on the people. Especially the one down here in East Malaysia and also parts of West Malaysia where there are a lot of low income earners and middle income earners. It makes me wonder how are they going to survive?


Everything is on the rise. Even prices of raw rice has gone up. Prices of rice now range from RM30 ++ to RM60++ for those which are good in quality. Electricity tariff will rise next month, how much is yet to be known.

I seriously wonder, how are we going to survive? Expenses are on the rise but not our income. It seems that life ahead is going to be tougher.


Angel Valerie said...

sigh, u know, im already very sad with the stupid price hike of everything!!! i get so fed up with this country all of a sudden n if i could move away now, i would!

they rose the price of the fuel n how can they not expect the price of other things like raw rice, vegetables, oil or meat? CIS!

im really so mad today, dont know why... feel like strangling ppl...

Dwinz said...

sighs tell me about it... how life can sucks now in this country.

I can see tat in the near future we won't be any diff from other countries... sad...

Anonymous said...

=___= no i heard this country's patrol is worst than others. other country even the patrol are high price but the quality is there. But ours is like a 2nd grade oil instant of 1st.

Stupid G*********, that day i still remember i have to wait for 3 hour to get A BUS (#*(@&$(*&%#) damn it... watching them jam there like robbing the patrol station make me feel wanna throw a grenade on the patrol station.

( = o=) %&#@^%*

Anonymous said...

oya~ heard that they still wanna rise it. they say MAX will rise till RM4 per liter (aidi like RM4 very little like that)

Dun say Rm4, now already wanna make people broke liao lo

Angel Valerie said...

ed, i just hope Malaysia will not become the second Indonesia. if that's the case, all of us are forced to move out of the country already although i really so much wanna leave this lousy place!

lone, yes, i've heard that they wanna rise to RM4 per litre in August. stupid. they're just forcing the low-income group to their graves! what's the point of doing that to their citizens?

Dwinz said...

Lone:Yeah...all these rises are causing a havoc in the country. Had they not thought about the lower-income people? this will cause the poor to become poorer. Mid-income become poor and rich... mebbe saty rich. PPl like us die lor.

Yeah I heard about it too.. I hope they won't raise it again.. really idiots.

Angel: There are pros and cons in this country... currently its goin to the cons. If the govt doesn't take good care of the country... it won't be surprising that sooner or later Malaysia will be the 2nd Indonesia.

I personally love Kch..