Friday, April 21, 2006

KLIA shrunk!

Words have it that the Malaysian government decided that KLIA was just to big and they decided to scale it down a bit! Heres is a picture showing the scaled down KLIA. =)

Smaller KLIA

Do you believe your eyes?? How KLIA have shrunk! Nah I'm just joking. If you didn't believe that this is KLIA then you are correct coz this is KIA. Huh??? KIA??? what is KIA isn't KIA the Korean made car KIA Motors??
Ahemz ...Well no! KIA stands for Kuching International Airport. Located in the Southern Tip of Sarawak Malaysia it is the capital city here. Recently KIA went through a RM620 million redevelopment scheme which included extension of Terminal Building and also renovating the old parts. Lengthening of the Runaway from 2,545 metres to 3,780 metres with a full parallel taxiway. The new Terminal is equipped with 9 gates and around 12 aerobridges. The developer is Global Upline and KLIA consultancy. This explains why the airport has the looks of KLIA.

New check-in hall

Cranes fixing up new airbridge

Remarkably the whole terminal was finish in 15 months time and 24 months ahead of schedule. The runway is yet to be completed.

Lots of singnage so travellers won't get lost

This New Terminal is bigger nicer more modern and High class. Also more sophisticated and according to the developer it is equipped with the state of the art facilities.

A MAS B737-400 and Batavia Air B737-200

Another pic showing the fixing of the new airbridge and behind an A330 of MAS just landed from KLIA

So After a few days from the official opening of the terminal Building on 17th of April 2006 by the Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Abdullah Badawi, I decided to take a looksi looksi at the whole terminal and it is really nice and if you look closely there are quite a few differences between this airport and KLIA. I also saw tourist enjoying themselves in the departure hall. ;-)

My overall view this airport is nice modern and quite big. it gives Kuching a whole new image.

Tourist enjoying the new facilities


KIA ( can you spot the difference?)

** The middle photo shows KLIA and the photo above is KIA can you spot the difference?

KLIA photo taken from this website: Opera

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