Friday, April 14, 2006

Traffic Congestion

Well as a city grows the traffic grows too... and it seems that today every Kuchingites owns at least a car but usually from what I see they onw at least two or three traffic congestion in Kuching City is a very common sight... you can get stuck in a jam for at least 30 minutes before reaching your destination.

Public Transport in Kuching sucks... especially the buses donw here you can wait for hours and you don't even see a bus passing the station... the buses down here are old and dirty...wihout air-conditioning... even though there are a few bus companies down here in Kuching sad to say all of them sucks their timetable and everything that they do are not systematic... that is why I don't blame the poeple down here wants to own a car... frankly it is much more convinient to own your own car in Kuching than to take a bus or Taxi. Kuching is not really that small, to get from one place to another you'll need transport. So maybe they should upgrade the bus system down here and maybe everyone will consider taking the bus and the traffic congestion down here will be better.

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