Thursday, April 20, 2006

Fried Noodles @ Da Lai

I decided to go to Da Lai Food Court @ King Centre to have my lunch with my friend. Actually I was pretty lazy to drive far away so I decided to go to the nearest place and grab something to eat.

Da Lai Food Court

So I went to check out the stalls. One of the stalls caught my attention they sell a variety of Fried Stuff one of them is something (to me) that people can rarely find in Kuching. This particular stall named it Fried Kolo Mee. Now why would they give it such a name? Easy... the noodles that they used are the noodles that people use to make Kolo Mee.

Most of the stalls that sell Fried Noodles will usualyy use those big fat yellow looking Noodles but muah loves the small type that they use to make Kolo Mee. So I decided to give it a go.

So I waited for a gew minutes for the food to be served
and....tick...tock.....tick...tock...Voila! the food is serve and its time to taste it. Get ready the chopstick and spoon. Slowly and cautiously I put a half a spoonful of hot steaming noodles in my mouth...first chew...then another.. and another and gulp!....... HEY WADDAYA KNOW...the fried noodles ain't that bad after all. Another advantage is that it only cost RM 3.00 for a pretty big plate. This is what you can find mixed inside the noodles, some shrimps, bean sprouts, chicken meat, egg, and veggies. So it is pretty good all and all.

The Fried Noodle

Food Summary:

Type of Food: Fried Noodles

Ingredients found inside it: Shrimps, Veggies, Bean Sprouts, Chicken chunks , egg and of course noodles and not forgetting soya sauce.

Price: RM 3.00

Location: Da Lai Food Court @ King Centre, Kuching

Stars (out of 10): *****

You can go try it out sometime

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