Thursday, June 26, 2008

It ends here....


Dear readers and friends,

It has come to a point in life where another chapter of my life ends here. So much has happen within a short time. What I have been through within these few months no one really understands or knows about it, unless my closest friends.

I have given up and let go of my past and I am going to end this chapter of my life here and as on this date. These three months has been nothing but a disaster to my life and I do not know how to explain or tell the story about what has gone so wrong. Part of me still ask myself ... where have I gone wrong and what have I done wrong to deserve all the misunderstandings and selfishness that I have received from a few people. I have grew tired of trying to let them see a bigger picture in life. I tried my best....

So here I am, tired and beaten, I raise the white flag to show defeat and I surrender. I had enough of pain that has been inflicted onto my frail heart.

I had also learnt that I have to stand up alone and can't rely much on my friends. Some which I thought I can looked up too seemed to have forgotten about me and continued on with their lives and made me feel as if I never existed. Some which I seek answers, never could give me an answer instead ask me to leave it be.

"Its enough...enough is enough" my heart whispers to it can't take in anymore sadness and disappointments in life.

My chapter of life ends here... and so does this blog.... it also ends here... Thank you and goodbye....

p/s: If only you all could have looked and see things from another could be different . If only you gave it a chance, gave it a chance to explain, gave it a chance to see if it worked out or not. But...sadly... you all never wanted too.


vivi said...

Dwinz, what happened? why u seems damn sad?

Ntheng said...

i not quite sure what happen but it shud be bout sth sth you've been through lately, cheer up

if u want to stand up whenever you fall, we're anytime anywhere to offer u a hand, or more than 1 to help you get up, but you need to be strong enough to stand still and advancing. if u're totally give up, our helping hands are meaningless.

"life can't be worst,no big deal if you give it a try before totally give up"

vivi said...

dwinZ..we are here for u always...but only that: are you willing to share all those thing with us or not? we offer and u need to accept before we can do anything rite?

cheer up~ u're not alone..

Angel Valerie said...

i might be far away from u but ed, all of us here are willing to lend u ears to listen to whatever u wanna pour.

dont give up the jungle just because of a tree. there are still so many wonderful things in life that one can always look forward to if only u're willing to open ur heart n mind.

be strong, sweetie! i'll always be there for u if u need me.

DrEaMm3r_pIsCeS said...

be strong my fren...

Anonymous said...

one more friend....
who shut down their blog...

dwinnnnzzzzz!!! whyyy???


Anonymous said...

The end of one things is the begin of another :D

sorry for not being helpful in ur problem...hope u realize n solve it soon.

Give yourself some space to breathe, to wonder around the place and relax your soul and mayb... mayb you'll find back your purpose.

msn me whn you wan, i'll be there 8/5 (8 hour 5 days :D)

And ya, one thing, your long lost fren send you some greeting

Fran: "Hi, bye"

that's all i was told to do (kikiki~)

hang on there buddy~ isn't there plenty hands helping u up ^___^

Yong Tiong Yieng said...

Be strong. jia you!
God always be with you :)

Anonymous said...

Everyone has to go thru difficulties but remember there will always be frens who will be there for you.
Greetings from NZ :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dwinz.

Greeting from me. So loooooong din check ur blog. Hope u stil cam carry on.

Don give up on watever things tat u u tink is deserved. My metal and emotion are wid u. I support watever decision u made. Carry on wid ur life altho sometimes, we might face some 'bridge', crossing or stopping or life, then , we jus need to go through the 'bridge'. Then, it would be another new life or new things in the front.

I'm so glad u haf a positive mind. Gambatei. God bless.

*Ah Xiang@THB*

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