Friday, October 21, 2005

At least there is taste

Ahhh....At least for once again I can taste my food. I can taste the goodness of the food. I am so happy. But sighs...the food I tasted all day was...porridge but hey the porridge was ood ;) cause I asked the lady to add in some century egg...yummy.... I think I am beggining to be in porridge frenzy...but it was good though hehehehe.

But never the less I hope that Mr.Flu will go away soon and Mr. Cough will also scoot away with Mr. Flu. So I can once more enjoy food in a full swing...yummy......

Btw the porridge was from Expert Food court at Jalan Song. The anme of the stall is Old Peking Porridge or shall we call it congee... ;-)

That will be all, will post some more in days to come...

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