Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Nearly Late but Not Quite

(Brinnnnggg!!!) That is my alarm...yawn...hmmm....rise and shine shall we look at the time? Oh yes of course we should...sorry I mean I should...look at the time it is.....ITS 7:41!!!! OH MY GOD!! I am going to be late...noooo.... Again I rushed into the toilet and Oh no my tummy problems are back again. As I have posted in my last blog on Oct 17 I had some timmy problems + a leaking nose (lolx) bur it seems that the problem did not ended last night it started all over again today yes....while sitting there on top of the toilet bowl suffering and the nose there leaking like it is nobodies business...*((*(*&^^&%^$. Then ok so I went and shower as I was running late.
Later on while I was changing my tummy is still calling out to no pls.....that is just not it I forgot to add in that when I woke up this morning I had sore throat...talking about being sick now I am really sick!
I went to class and lucky me I was not late but JIT (Just In Time) hahaha...but my nose wasn't in a forgiving mood though I sneezed 3 times none stop and there is more to come...I know my nose, it is a little devil that knows how to torcher me.... &&^#@#@$ but its okay it is my nose so I will have to live with it...but then again some people say (chinese sayings) that is you sneeze 3 times someone has a crush on you and is thinkin about you XD.....sniffles

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