Monday, October 17, 2005

Tummy problems + a leaking nose

Ugghs...this has gotta be the worse hour in my life! Just ate some glutinous rice wrapped in a pitcher plant or simply monkey cup (gosh! I should have taken a photo of it silly me). Well I will take a pictutre show it to you guys next time, I promise... oh well after that glutinous rice my tummy started to call out to me but I didn't care cuz I went to the toilet already today so prolly was juz some minor pain will be over in a while. But then after a few minutes it was driving me nuts I was practically zooming at my fastest speed to the wash room (lucky it was not far away from me) then quickly I sat down on the toilet seat and....(censored) to gross so I will not tell you the sounds.

A relief so after that clean up and took a nice warm shower and came out happy cuz i though that the problem was over..yeah rite juz after a few minutes Boom I kept on sneezing and voila I have a leaking nose!! I was wondering who was scolding or missing me XD. Then latter I came up here and decided to blog this while I was bloggin and at the same time chatting and doing my assignment (not bad doin so many things at one time), suddenly my tummy started again and from the time I was blogging (10:15 Malaysian time) I used up a total of 9 tissues and my nose is still leaking there like a faulty water tap...arrghhh... I just hope that by tomorrow everything will be ok...Sniffles......

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