Thursday, March 01, 2007

Virus attack!!

NOOOO!! to think that I have just reformated my computer a few days ago.... and today the virus scanner tells me that it has found virus in my com again!

Well actually the other day I just reformated my C drive only not my entire computer... but that is bad enough. I assumed that since my D drive is my storage area there won't be any virus attacked there... tsk naive can I get... in the end D drive was the worst affected so now here I am sitting getting ready to clean my computer again... this is going to be another long night... =(

The weather is being kind to me too... strong wind and torrential rain....

blek.....>.<" last reading 268 threats!!! all healed successfully... but why take the chances =)

*Ahemz...* Due to the recent reformated pc I have yet to install my photoshop. So these images are generated by paint =)

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