Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rainforest World Music Festival 2007

Again another new year and soon in the month of July the Rain Forest World Music Festival (RWMF) will blast off again at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak.

This year RWMF is celebrating its 10 anniversary (1997-2007). So
there are some promises that this year's event will be a bit different. In any case you do not know what RWMF is about, here is a brief explanation on what RWMF is about. The Rainforest World Music Festival is a unique festival that brings together on the same stage renowned world musicians from all continents and indigenous musicians from the interior of mythical Borneo.

By the way, renowned musicians here doesn't mean Justin Timberlake, Norah Jones, Celine Dion all these. Basically they are musicians, but good musicians that is mostly bringing the country's indigenous music here and perform here.

This year the festival will start on the 13th of July to the 15th of July which will fall on Friday (13th) until Sunday (15th) which will be the finale.

I am planning to buy the ticket for the last day. But when I checked the website the tickets will cost MYR80.00!!!! crap that is expensive and 80 bucks is only for a one
day pass ticket to get a full 3 days pass it will cost MYR200...fuck... I will have to reconsider, furthermore I am not sure when will my holidays be.

Its a hard decision though, cause there are a few groups that I want to watch, one of them is a Vietnamese group called Khac Chi which is performed by a Husband and Wife. Another group I would like to see would be the DogHouse Skiffle Group from UK.

Khac Chi

Doghouse Skiffle
* All images of the performing groups are taken from RWMF website

Sighs... this is a hard decision and there is no guarantee when I purchased the ticket for the Sunday show I will be able to see these groups that I mentioned. bleh...... >.<"

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